July 08, 2010


Nature is always providing, the problem is it goes mostly without human notice. In search of money, we are not available to utilize what magically appears and is offered freely.

When I met comfrey, I thought it was an invasive weed. It grew in places I didn't want it to and it was bristly to walk next to. None of my animals really wanted to eat it. I had to cut it down every month to stop it from taking over my garden.

Not anymore, I love comfrey now. Like with any plant you are getting to know it takes time to understand its nuances. It is also a perennial herb. It attracts bees early in the season when there are few flowers. It draws nutrients from deep in the earth for the other plants to use. One of these is potassium making comfrey excellent fertilizer for flowering plants. The leaves accelerate decomposition so are very effective in the compost bin. It makes an excellent shady companion for strawberries. The large leaves make excellent mulch. It is also a medical plant with a long history of healing.

Now to make a short story longer, today I went to water the new berry patch, first time after a month of rain, it was needed. I couldn't find my honeyberry females anywhere. I saw the males they were hard to miss, mostly brown with little green tips (the move was hard on them), poking out of the comfrey plants. It was only when I took a deep look into the patch of comfrey that the females were found. They were surrounding this little bushes like a protective shield as the female honeyberries were lush and very healthy. They were the only comfrey plants in the whole garden grown from volunteer seed to be at the right place at the right time.

July 04, 2010

Honouring Imperfection - Honoring Imperfection

These 40 year old walnut trees are magnificent! Their leaves unfurl purple, like a tree of flowers. The scent is heavenly, I look forward to it all winter long. Even their shape could make one feel lustful.

Today I noticed dead branches on the top of the trees. "A shame," I thought, "they were so perfect." Just then a robin perched there, in the void empty spot, to preen. Another came, they rested and moved on. I sat there mesmerized as many different birds came to meet and rest on that branch.

We see the real world but for moments,
the power of nature works full time to provide for all beings,