September 27, 2009


I need to eat meat to be healthy, I wish I didn't. I refuse to eat meat from animals held in torturous conditions or one fed hormones, chemicals and unhealthy diet, just for the profit in a person's pocket. So we moved to the country and became farmers.

We raise them from babies, lovingly taking care for their every need, food, water, shelter, companions and play to frolic safe from predators. Then in the fall, when we can no longer afford to keep them, we eat my animals.

You won't see any pictures of them frolicking about, although that is exactly what they do all day. Their happy noises, playful antics, and joy at your attention would truly be the delight of any person's life.

Don't judge me too harshly, the box of chicken you bring home tonight also lived and died for you too.

Food Security

Blogger Ruralrose said...

wow you live in a church yard how quaint can you get? - love the plan, pursue the hoop house you will love how much more food you can get by extending the season on both ends (also doubles for a warm spot for poulets).

We can count on snow here from December to May, there is only one road in, and you have to cross by ferry to get here so sometimes food is a little scarce. This year I have put up tarragon butter, basil pesto, 3 types of hot chutneys, tomalio salsa, tziki dip, beans, pears, peaches, tomato sauce, grape juice, set wine, peaches, rubarb, many types of berries, apricots, parsley, wild mushrooms, 10 pounds of pickled hot peppers, plum sauce, now apples, raisins and concord juice, dry thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano - I am sure to be missing something in words, but I don't miss it if it grows in my yard. It is worth all the work as all winter all the prep work is done for my vegetables, especially come February.

Tonight my table is covered with pork bellies and legs to smoke in the smoker for the next week. pigs will eat chickens, after a week of losses we watched one evening while one pig pushed a pile of grain to the fence edge, the other pig made sweet noises alerting the chickens free in the yard. The chicken went for the ploy like the roadrunner for the coyote, unfortunately he could not run as fast and when he got away from one pig's bite he ran into the other's - it was over very quickly. We were so surprised since they had been together since the pigs were very young. But that's animals for you, so make sure you have a barrier fence between them. Well I do run on, peace for all

4:32 AM

September 22, 2009

How to Find Happiness

People often ask me how I can live such a simple life away from creature comforts. Really I am usually at a loss for words. Busy now with filling the freezers and preparing beds and animals for winter, the snow will fly soon enough making my bondage this chair and this screen. Until then please enjoy a few moments of my life yesterday. The video is called mother hen with day old chicks meet the pitbull dog.

September 15, 2009

Peace for All

Today I was in a coffee shop when two gay guys walked in holding hands. As you might expect, a few heads started turning.

Then a young girl at the table next to me asked her mum why two men were holding hands. Her mum replied, "Because they love each other."

September 03, 2009

How to Find Peace? SHTF Survival 2012

Life could be seen as a raft floating down a river on your way to the great ocean. 

We can fear getting snagged to by the bushes on the edges, be uncertain of those who ride with us and anxious of the turbulence which may lie ahead for us.

Inadvertently, in our ignorance, selfishness and panic lured by attractive little streams that promise what appears to be a shortcut or easier way. 

Naturally, unfortunately and inevitably, we always have to come back to our rightful place on the river. And, why is it somehow the stream back is never quite as alluring? 

We are not the raft, we are the river, the raft the conscience manifestation of life.