April 30, 2012

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What you won’t read on a seed packet is when to plant them in the ground.  You can bury seeds to fit your schedule, but they will sprout and grow on their own schedule. Knowing this critical factor is crucial to being able to grow food most effectively. 

April 29, 2012

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A seed is actually a living and breathing entity.  All she will be is in her now, waiting in anticipation for the fruition of destiny.  Because seeds magically have their own communication with creation, planting a seed and watching it grow is like witnessing Immaculate Conception.  And when that plant joyously blooms, we share in the rapture as if, almost, it was our own creation.

Words on a Seed Packet

Name tells which plant seed is in the packet, usually as we would generically refer to it, like a last name Tomato.  As many plants grow in different areas under different names.  Latin names are used for definitive identification, and allow us to access the pertinent data that has been collected around the world on a plant that might well be a native weed to us.

Start by growing the vegetables and fruit you like eating and expand your repertoire to the food plants which will produce in your area when no other plants are available.

Variety is the unique name for the plant; only plants with this name are totally the same, like a describing name as in Red Beefsteak tomato.  Each variety has different characteristics like appearance and growing habits.  One variety of squash will grow prolifically where another won’t grow at all.  The heritage of vegetables has included a great number of varieties.