November 14, 2011

Lifetime Freely Offered

Moments of your lifetime freely offered are the most valuable currency you can share with the world. Simultaneously, each moment, each breath, each thought, all the same but unique, and all equally necessary. Each measures its portion as we entertain billions of fleeting ideas through our collective consciousness. Mere thoughts, triggered by an absurd moment, are changing the course of many lives.
Unseen moments of hope from joy, or insight from violence, can allow us to transcend negative situations. Moments of love, satisfaction, peace, trust, attraction, or inspiration can be just as life alternating as fear, outrage, or repulsion. In a mere second a new path is revealed, a veil removed; if only we had known what now we will always know.

Occupy Canada - 99%, Occupy Vancouver, Peace and Freedom, Justice

I am an occupying Canadian.  Lucky to have a house I occupy from here.  Hear my voice with my countrymen - Canada has enough for all our brothers and sisters should not be suffering.  It isn't just people living on the street that are occupying city sites, but many others who suffer in the solitude and bondage of poverty line. 

Standing in solidarity I will be posting inspirations for encouragement.  Lucky to be Canadian, lucky to be allowed to take a stand, standing for what is right and honourable, strong and free!

Feel free to leave comments and links to other people standing together today to say the words which must be finally said.

November 09, 2011

Magic Life Full of Meaning

Moments pass in an inconspicuous blur of similarity, but in each single moment all things change forever.  You can’t see when you have missed a miracle, gathered from providence or lived a life full of meaning.  Did the five minutes you were running late allow you to miss the accident you passed by on the way?  It is only from the accumulation of moments, our memories, can we see the truths and divine nature at work for us.  The magic of life we cannot see is truly as important and real as all we can.

Human Rights - Peace Freedom

Life is not a random act.  
 Genetics can distinguish us all, 
but it is the unseen spark, necessary for life,
living within us that distinguishes us all most.  
 Living has meaning and 
our existence powerful and important.   
Be true to your real identity and 
honour as paramount your internal dialogue.  

  You have the right to be here, the right to your needs, and the right to share your true self with the world.