March 31, 2009

GMOs The Future of Food

Now I know some out there think that I am over the top worrying about food security. I don't worry anymore, it makes no difference. But I will pass on the truth about food production to all who will listen, as I do all I can to secure food for my family. Click on the title to go to a new video.

March 26, 2009

Here Comes the Sun . . . doot in do . . .

Try as I might I can't get this picture to be last but there it is - this is my yard on the perfect day!

I love the idea of showing the view from your front window - so here it is - do you see the lake view?

This what my garden looks like today. The sun is shining and it is melting fast. I even saw a butterfly today, some new birds and the squirrels are noisy once more. Once I get the bats and sounds of frogs at night I am as happy as a girl can get. I miss the life of the outdoors so much all winter all I do is pine for it.

March 25, 2009

Help with Blog Please

Ok - I am as independent as they come - but am totally baffled by html - am trying to use tags - anyone out there have pity on an old newbie like myself - thanks - peace for all

March 23, 2009

Food Security

Ruralrose said...
You can raise meat and milk for personal consumption. But you can't sell it or give it away with out government inspection. Cows and goats all have to be registered with the government who monitors their health from birth to table. With the scare of bird flu the government is "discouraging" free run farm birds in favor of factory farm barns. People that sell feed are approached by those in authority to tell who they are selling to in an effort to find unregistered animals. You need a license to grow some plants, now i see you need one for wolfberry, probably because someone has a patent of a some pharmacological use for it. You have to be government licensed to sell organic vegetables. Well these things may be all good for the consumer except for the increased cost and reliance of a central source - they certainly give income and control to the government and take it away from the farmer. More unsettling is in my country the big chemical conglomerates are buying out small farms who can't make a living farming and using the land to raise their gmo crops with their poisonous fertilizer and herbicides. The way we live we can take care of our own, it breaks my heart we can't share with others. I am not crying out here for you to feel sorry for me, I want people to see how all this can have a negative impact on food safety and security especially for the poor. Lack of regulators and fewer sources are giving us a false sense of security for our buck. These are very personal and political matters in my world. Peace for all

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March 21, 2009

Biodynamic Intensive Pemaculture

Am I a square foot gardener? No way, it is too fussy for me. But I started this way and it is a good way to learn what the plants look like as they grow and of course the proper spacing between plants. I also practice companion planting. I do not rotate my crops. I fertilize and stimulate grow with other plants. I collect my own seed.

My beds are 2 feet deep by 3 by 3 feet. They all have different growing conditions. In the spring I can see what food has sprouted from planting in the fall or simply from falling off the plant. I get tomatoes which come back in the spring! You know where the plant dies and the unpicked rot makes the perfect fertilizer for the seeds in grow in the spring. When the time is correct I simply sprinkle the new seed between the existing plants. Eventually these first plants will be eaten leaving room for the new ones. The trick here is to be able to recognize the all stages of the food plant.

This is a picture from last June. I had not planted in this bed for two years, - thinking it was too shaded. But look, (if you click the picture it will grow), carrots, parsley, potatoes, peas and a wild forget me knot. I remember now planting the peas the fall prior. Still isn't it fabulous. It only made small potatoes, but they were yummy. The carrots all went to seed, carrots from which are still in my garden. The parsley had taken over the whole bed by the fall as it has claimed it spot.

Peace for All
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Square Foot Gardening Templates

I have found an excellent blog and am so delighted to share it with everyone. Just click on the posting title to see how this very clever woman gardens.

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Life Through The Cracks: A Place To Start

Excerpt from my new book

"Do you have a dependable job? Can you purchase, spend time and money to maintain a house and vehicle suited to your station? Do you pay for services and restaurant meals when you are too tired from working? How much of your salary goes to pay credit interest, insurance costs, the pharmacist and other expenditures to maintain this job? Taxes take a cut too, more if you smoke or drink or drive for work. Should I mention those empty unpaid hours commuting away from family, or how much you are contributing to carbon emissions? Yes, its dependable all right, if you keep on this treadmill you will always be dependent on a job.

Just how dependable is this way of life, anyway? It only functions properly if a person is not too young, too old, nor too damaged, too poor, or too ill. Those among us without money are stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty, poor health, dysfunction and hardship. You can't afford food if you can't even afford to get to a grocery store. When you can, the small quantity you buy is much more expensive than the larger size you can't afford. You must at least have an address to be connected, drive, receive social and medical assistance or vote. In our society, to be alive costs money, so what are you to do when you can’t afford to live?

Either way, in both lifestyles, we all work as hard as we can to survive our incarceration in this world of monetary supremacy. We slave, every day the same, at endless meaningless toil. The years of our lives slip by as we silently watch the clock and count down the time until we can stop. Finally home, burned out and tuned out, we watch the screen then sleep only to rise and start again.

A constant bombardment of seductive paid messages and social cues keep this compulsion alive. The people profiting from our anguish can well afford to manipulate things in their favour. We are so submissive, even governments openly profit from our poisoning. They are destroying our healthcare and keeping people sedated and confused. Our existence reduced to a fog of worry, guilt and helplessness under the power of money.

Still the gratification of buying the newest thing, of clothes not yet worn or sights not yet seen, is a powerful intoxicant. The need to spend, the urge, the indignant justification, it seems so urgent at the point of purchase. The desire is fleeting, but the craving is relentless and the fix never enough.

Those who can pay to project a perceived perfection, like celebrities and moguls, are worshiped and honoured. To their denigration as we vicariously and viciously verify value from this visualization. The masses, perhaps unwittingly, trying to imitate this expensive illusion, give consensus to its pretense. Like junkies, many are distracted to preoccupation by money, forsaking all else they might value.

The perfection precept is also used to isolate and humiliate nonconformists into silent submission. Are we cursed to believe we’re inadequate and unacceptable if we don’t have all the things we want? This belief can leave us feeling forsaken, confused, and insecure about who we are and what we want from life. Disappointments leave us bitter and full of negative judgement thoughts about ourselves, and others.

As a result, we all show up, but never show ourselves. We use disguises to face the world and deceive people to get what we want from them. She is not the person she appears to be when she smiles at you from the page, the TV, or beside the cash register. Everyday we put on blinders so we can pretend, like everyone else, not to see our bondage. We hide from our suffering with drugs, lust, gluttony and crime.

Dark obsessive oppressing greed has created a cut throat unforgiving, uncompassionate culture which is causing so much hardship to the entire world. Do we really believe the notion that mother earth has been rendered worthless, all used up and wrecked beyond repair? How else can we justify the way we slave, exploit, buy and then just throw away? It is wrong to believe the poor and suffering have somehow caused their own demise and we are above reproach. Poverty and slavery, exploiting this planet and her people, should not be accepted as the natural progression of our age.

In devoting ourselves to money we have erroneously put our efforts into an imaginary reality. Basing our existence on irrelative assumptions has continually had a negative impact on the quality of our lives. It feeds our insatiable compulsions, keeping us hostage like spoiled self-indulgent children, perverting our needs and skewing our values. Everything now askew and distorted we can no longer see how it really is."

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March 20, 2009

Spring Has Sprung why is there still snow?

My yard is still buried under two feet of snow. It isn't spring here until the daffodils bloom. Peace for all

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March 19, 2009

Food security what can you do?

Hello all, will be a quick note today as so busy here. If you haven't started your tomatoes, onions, peppers, and eggplant do it now to have them to eat next fall. Some people will have a hard time finding food next winter I fear. Not everyone has to grow everything, joining with your friends and share with each other. If you click the link it with take you to a little video about food security.

About the eggs: the smallest one is from the store, the largest one turned out to be a triple yolker, the medium one is an average size for my girls.

Oh yes I must advertise my e-book again as it is all about food security in these modern times.

There are a few pages there so you can preview the book.

If you knew me personally you would know I am not a doomsayer. I am a very positive person. Today I am positive we all had better prepare for the winter ahead. Peace for all.

March 16, 2009

Square Foot Gardening

Found an excellent resource here, just click the title to be sent to the site

"Gardeners heal the earth one bed at a time." - from Life Through the Cracks: A Place to Start
Can't take credit for the hardwood post, i just cut and pasted it - if you click the title it will take you right to the original link - peace
This season I am working with real gemstones. Gotta love 'm! I always have a rock collection of some sort on display in my house, so you can imagine how much I am enjoying working with these beads.

March 04, 2009


We have a packrat living in our garage. He is the cutest critter, big eyes, bushy tail. He is going through all the boxes in storage out there, taking the shiniest things for the meter high nest he is building in a box on the shelf. He looks at me like I am interrupting his work and is not frightened at all. One day I will try and catch him in my trap again, until then I just fret about the mess he is making. It’s not like I want to clean out the garage in the middle of winter.

I love chickens too

This is Little Mama - she is my best chicken. For 6 years now she constantly sits on her eggs and raises her chicks. I have had a conure, cockatiels, budgies, and raised finches but by far my favorite birds are chickens.

March 02, 2009

come on spring . . . .

after such pretty summer pictures i thought i would show you what it really looks like in my front yard today, peace all

BUY SEED FOR YOUR GARDEN NOW - there will surely be a food shortage next winter