February 27, 2009


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The darkness is also God's. Sorrow and longing is part of this life, more so for people who know they come from and will go to a better one. He is the darkness that wraps around you and holds you until a new day dawns for you. It is not evil. It is protection, alignment, and hope. Embrace it, wallow in it, ask for relief from it, and cry - this is what is required in the dark times. New light is coming, a new path, new ways - try as hard as you like His way is the way we all go. Relax, rest, let the divine be in charge. Love is all there is. peace

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My book in finally done! The e-book is $12.50

Life Through The Cracks: A Place To Start

Blogger Ruralrose said...

My heart goes out to you - your real life it calling - shouting even - i pulled my kid from school - i have to drive 45 minutes to get groceries - i haven't been to a job for 10 years now - i don't eat out - i don't have many friends here - my house is not fancy - my housework is never done - my clothes are never immaculate - i don't travel - i worry about money still


my kid thrives on homeschooling the level of education is exceptionally high, he is so happy and productive and feels in charge of his destiny - he teaches me - nature teaches us

my husband and i are a team without pretense - we both do what we do to the best of our abilities - we have time for each other - we plan our dreams everyday - holding hands loving each other fighting to be free each day we are

i am me - no pretense, i love my dirt, my plants, my critters, each day i go from chore to chore with total appreciation that i survive on the earth by my own labor, my own hands and not by the hands of another

don't give up, some things take time to come together, knowing what you want and expressing it - even having a tantrum - gets you closer -

you have to give up - you have to give up keeping up with the jones, the dream vacations, the new lipstick, pleasing other people -

do these things first, then when the time comes, and it will, you will be completely ready for the transformation -

you are building your caccoon now, practice your skills and dream

dreams do come true, freedom is possible


February 26, 2009 7:13 PM

February 22, 2009

Tomatos - if you want em start now!

Tomatoes in pots. See the banana peels important to prevent black rot on the bottom of tomatoes.

I grow my tomatoes in tires. It heats up the ground like they like and holds in moisture like I like. Those are my little pepper plants from the house beside them.

This is my 4 year old tiny tim tomato plant last summer. I let my favorite chicken pick them off the vine since we were all tired of eating them through the winter. It is in a large pot.

February 21, 2009

oh spring where for art thou ?!

Well I am ready to start. See my ready trays? Last year I ordered seed from e-bay and got nothing, lost $50. This year I ordered certified organic open pollinated seeds from a certified dealer for $3.50 per pack plus shipping. I recieved the order 3 packets short, 2 packets from 2004, 5 packets from 2005 and only 3 from 2008. Frosts my corn flakes!! Supposed to sell fresh seed right? Anyone?

Some flowers onions and leeks can be started now.

The plants in the back are my neglected pepper plants. yes shamelessly I have not doted on them in the past few months, but really I have had these same plants growing in my life for six years now. Every month or so each plant gives me hot peppers to eat. Sweet peppers are not so prolific in the house but you can keep them alive through the winter to be a mature plant with a head start for the growing season. You can do this with tomato plants, again cherry tomatoes will produce through the winter but keep other tomato "mothers" in pots over winter too. On the floor are my geraniums and begonias which can take the cool of the floor through the winter and still bloom.

Gonna publish my book on lulu.com tonight. big night for me as it is the first book i ever finished!

peace all