December 27, 2011

December 19, 2011

Natural Activity rather than chasing Money - How to survive in the future - SHTF

If you weren't chasing money what would you do with your time?

Natural activity makes this life possible
Natural activity is putting our thoughts and dreams in motion
By overcoming our shortcomings and forging ahead,
our bodies can take us to all the places of our imagination. 

One day money the children will shout "the emperor has no clothes" and money will be seen for the worthless item it is. 

"If only I could go back in time to when I could have" can be adverted, do what you can today! 

December 13, 2011

SHTF survival preppers and homesteaders unite

Seems to me if the homesteaders and preppers unite we could work together to survive what lies ahead.

Just saying, would love to start a dialogue about this.  Peace

December 10, 2011

Farming 101 preppers survival homestead

Organic Farming 101: Farm Sitting for the Farmer-in-Training

For people looking for agriculture training in organic farming and what it’s really like to live a self-supporting rural lifestyle, farm sitting offers a version of hands-on farm school and a great way to gain real-life experience.

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December 09, 2011

SHTF Prepper Link Tips for Surviving Homestead

I am glad to see people are starting to wake up to the need to prepare for the future.

Buying and saving food is only a short-term solution. Guns will only get you so far without an alliance, pharmaceuticals could be non existent, and electronics useless.

As a longtime homesteader my priority is on being able to produce what we need where we live. For a homestead to be truly productive and effective it should be a community of more than 2 families.

People do not want to leave what they have now, and live like it is tomorrow, in order to be prepared.  It is hard to leave the dreamy warm bed of electronics, money and luxury to face reality.

Excellent Advice Here

"If only I could go back in time to when I could have" can be adverted, do what you can today!  The world is trying to become a better place, are you doing your part to help it out?

Barter Jewelery for Seed Trading

I continue to make jewellery at a greater speed than I can find customers out here in the woods. 

I would like it to be known that I will trade my jewellery for what you make to sell at your place. I am especially looking for garden seed.  I really would love flower seed as this is a luxury we don't splurge on.  I will try any plant up to garden zone 6.

The variety of pretties made here would blow your mind as they are all one of a kind originals.  I keep on top of trends and have products in most styles (silver, gothic, victorian, beads, gemstones, rings)  and in many different materials.  Let me know what you are looking for or what color etc. and what you want to trade.  Let's have fun with this.


How to live without money - Frugal Living - SHTF - Hope


I have devoted my life, for over ten years now, to growing and preserving food for the winter.

I used to have a real job, he worked days and I worked nights. Always too tired, we ate out to save time shopping, cooking and cleaning. We did this for one year. At tax time we realized that we paid more to taxes and childcare than my salary. Meals out, and my wardrobe, car and its expenses only further exposed the foolishness of our lifestyle.

My job now is to reduce the need for cash. It is necessary to remove unnecessary expenses from your budget. But don't be caught up in the bondage of frugality. It is great to get dish soap for a dollar a bottle, but not if you don't like how it works. Worst if you have lots of soap but nothing to eat. Cheap food is processed foods where value is exchanged for profit. Or worse yet, with coffee and chocolate, slaved people pay the real cost of your purchase.

How do I do it? There is no solution in the consumer world. The secret is in the natural world. It has always been here for us, existing without our participation. Take your rightful place on the planet, take her hand, she is here to freely provide for your needs.
Where to start? 

Keep posted, peace for all


I am still here, thankful, gratefully.  While money doesn't seem to want us here, we have a feeling the farm itself seems won't let us go.  Perhaps we have been silently growing roots,   Over 10 years of pulling the cart uphill and we almost lost it in a season.  Farming is not for the faint of heart.  Dedicated to it than ever now when we need it so much.

It has been very quiet in my circle of self-sufficiency homestead gardening blogs.  I think I know why.

December 08, 2011

SHTF Preppers How to Survive the Future Living Without Money Freedom Natural Activitiy

While googling "preppers" I had to learn a new acronym SHTF.  It took me a little to catch it but I think it stands for Shit Hits The Fan.  The poor preppers are asking for old Mother Earth News magazines, survival retreat colonies desperate for information on how to prepare for the future.  The wealthy ones want to know where to buy the safest place and the necessary supplies.

I wish I could tell them what I know.  The first thing to know is THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN, we are now in the midst of a shit storm.  If you have an evacuation plan use it.  Do what you know to do - whether it is taking care of the helpless and buying seeds to grow next year - now is the time to do it!

Natural activity makes this life possible
Natural activity is putting our thoughts and dreams in motion
By overcoming our shortcomings and forging ahead,
our bodies can take us to all the places of our imagination. 

The second thing preppers need to know, is  living without money is trial and error.  You don't have the skills to assume you will be able to support your self in one season.  Even if you build the perfect chicken coup, you probably will have to build it again in a better place or similarly you could buy awesome hens only to have them taken by a predator over night  or you could buy lots of seeds only to have none of them sprout  or buy a place only to find out the water is no good.

Don't give up and don't expect money will solve a thing, because it won't.

Fear of the unknown is always prevalent but preparing for the future and its children is bravery.   At the beginning when all the choices are yours it is easy to make mistakes, it is natural to "try on different shoes" until you get a perfect fit. But once those initial choices are made, you join the secret society of nature.   She calls the shots, shows you opportunities, mistakes and the path of least resistance for the most gain.  You will feel that relief you are longing for, and life will bloom in the natural peace and abundance that is their birthright.

Prepper Movement

Have you heard of this new "type" of people called preppers?

Mission Statement is a public information site for those who wish: to learn about what preppers are and to learn about the prepper movement, to promote the prepper networks and their supporters We provide a resource of links and information available to anyone who wants to prepare for and survive the hard times we are facing.

Definition of a prepper:
 Prepper (noun): An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances or lifestyle without significant reliance on other persons (i.e., being self-reliant), or without substantial assistance from outside resources (govt., etc.) in order to minimize the effects of that change on their current lifestyle.
by Riverwalker

This is all news to me, can you imagine my surprise?  Who'da thunk it?


November 14, 2011

Lifetime Freely Offered

Moments of your lifetime freely offered are the most valuable currency you can share with the world. Simultaneously, each moment, each breath, each thought, all the same but unique, and all equally necessary. Each measures its portion as we entertain billions of fleeting ideas through our collective consciousness. Mere thoughts, triggered by an absurd moment, are changing the course of many lives.
Unseen moments of hope from joy, or insight from violence, can allow us to transcend negative situations. Moments of love, satisfaction, peace, trust, attraction, or inspiration can be just as life alternating as fear, outrage, or repulsion. In a mere second a new path is revealed, a veil removed; if only we had known what now we will always know.

Occupy Canada - 99%, Occupy Vancouver, Peace and Freedom, Justice

I am an occupying Canadian.  Lucky to have a house I occupy from here.  Hear my voice with my countrymen - Canada has enough for all our brothers and sisters should not be suffering.  It isn't just people living on the street that are occupying city sites, but many others who suffer in the solitude and bondage of poverty line. 

Standing in solidarity I will be posting inspirations for encouragement.  Lucky to be Canadian, lucky to be allowed to take a stand, standing for what is right and honourable, strong and free!

Feel free to leave comments and links to other people standing together today to say the words which must be finally said.

November 09, 2011

Magic Life Full of Meaning

Moments pass in an inconspicuous blur of similarity, but in each single moment all things change forever.  You can’t see when you have missed a miracle, gathered from providence or lived a life full of meaning.  Did the five minutes you were running late allow you to miss the accident you passed by on the way?  It is only from the accumulation of moments, our memories, can we see the truths and divine nature at work for us.  The magic of life we cannot see is truly as important and real as all we can.

Human Rights - Peace Freedom

Life is not a random act.  
 Genetics can distinguish us all, 
but it is the unseen spark, necessary for life,
living within us that distinguishes us all most.  
 Living has meaning and 
our existence powerful and important.   
Be true to your real identity and 
honour as paramount your internal dialogue.  

  You have the right to be here, the right to your needs, and the right to share your true self with the world.