September 25, 2012

Starting with Nothing - SHTF - Survival in Nature

here i am, what a lovely letter we certainly are falling in love with each other, lol, thought i would tell you what is going on here, not to brag or complain but to have something to say - started with 26 turkey egss, 7 hatched, down to 2 - but - they are very strong and healthy, recovered from injury and best of all a male and female - they live with another chick in my livingroom, they need it very warm so now there is shit everywhere, good thing they are little bad thing is this is where i sell my stuff usually - roy is alllergic to them so i have to figure out how to keep them warm while it gets colder, there is a truck canopy in the back yard, maybe i can set up a heat lamp and keep them protected from critters,  . .. coffee is finished now roy just came in from doing firewood must go be a loving wife \best part of my job) so more later peace heart

the turkeys are outside now, everyday when the sun hits the front porch i send them out - this big clean farm and my babies are in the most contaminated area, then they go huddle in the shade and hide from the other chickens - more and more they play and run around now on the ground and fast - hard to catch at the end of  the day to put in the house- today was awesome my shadow chicken herded them into the house for me

this chicken just will not leave me alone when i am outside, she came with the batch of birds from a neighbor moving away - it was great to have chickens again but on arrival they were mean and egg eaters, so i have no eggs - have new clippers and will dock the beaks of the culprits -

 anyway one day a lone chicken was pacing the fence where i was, there wasn't another bird in sight - she was upset and obviously wanted my attention - she seemed to be saying "remember me?! remember me?!?' - outloud i told her she didn't have to try and con me, i let all girls out who just can't stand being in the pen anymore \- she just would no leave me alone \(i love this) - she has since stole the butt from my fingers and my heart

 next day another lone chicken, doing the same song and dance alone, when i opened the gate, she sat and let me pick her up - in my head again i heard words \\'you know me, you know me\' - so very happy she was, when she joined the other chicken on ground at my feet the truth of matter was loud and clear  -THESE WERE MY CHICKENS, bought chicks \i had raised by hand - it took chickens to make me remember\- we had so much success with raising chickens that year that we sold some to one lady who sold them to another whom i bought them back\

once i realized this it was very easy for me to gentle the meanness out of the flock - birds are so very rewarding \(they can also be heartbreaking like anything else of value)

no time to proofread or pretty this up - more later - peace

ps just came in, have lost my sheep and it is now dark, hope they come home with their tails wagging behind them