November 15, 2010

Outdoor Furnace - Hot Water Heating Wood Stove

Here are a few pictures of the unit in use:

The top thing is the water gauge, it looks like it should be filled.

The coil lever is for the dampener.

I have just put this new wood on after a 10 hour burn, see how the wood is black.

Can you see underneath where the log is still unburned, it is very efficient.

What to look for in a stove link here.
This is a good link for how it works to heat the house.


  1. This is so cool. Is it for year-round use? How do you fill it up in the winter if the temps are well below freezing? I've always admired the water tanks connected with a kitchen wood stove :)

  2. ruth can you do a pictorial view of your home and outbuildings...would love to get a flavour if it all!!!

  3. Just about everyone in our neighborhood has switched over to wood. Propane prices are getting crazy. We debated, but decided against it---we would have to purchase wood (we're the only ones without much for trees on the property) and for us , it wouldn't pan out. Those that have these do like them. I have to console myself with saving 10 cents a gallon on propane for paying up front. Sigh.

  4. Thank you for sharing some more pictures, it doesn't look like the furnace takes up that much room. I love that you only need tend the fire every 10 hours or so.

  5. Mrs. Mac - I walk outside and fill it when is cold. It also heats a workshop and my little tomato, pepper, basil room for me. We used to go up and down stairs with our old stove, stairs no more than a ladder, at least 8 times a day to keep a fire going. Stepping outside in the fresh air to put 2 or 3 logs on the fire twice a day is like a miracle.

    John I will see what I can do.

    We decided on this "heat master" because of the stainless steel box and lack of heat loss.

    We are supposed to get snow today, I am kinda happy about this (first time ever happy to see snow).