March 26, 2010

Planting by the Moon - First Quarter Moon

In this moon phase, March 23 until March 29th, when the right side of the moon is lit is the time to plant the seeds for vegetables and plants which thrive best in the heat. This list includes tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, squash and peppers.

Most vegetable plants need almost 100 perfect sunny days to produce to their fullest potential. With this in mind, this might be the perfect time, if not final chance, to start your most valuable food crops from seed.
These plants thrive best in full sun. It takes a lot of water for these plants to produce succulent vegetables. They take more nutrients from the soil than other plants. They need lots of room to grow, the more room the more food.

Don't let this seem overwhelming if you are considering a first time garden. Of the vegetables to be planted in this moon phase, I suggest growing peppers and tomatoes. They are easy to grow, produce abundantly and are essential for nutrition.
They are can easily be preserved for later too.

It is still too early to buy vegetable plant starts at the store. This moon phase comes next month and when I will be transplanting my seedlings to the garden you can plant your plants from the store.

I found a wonderful planting by the moon posting at "good stuff nw".

This picture is of 1 zucchini squash plant.

March 23, 2010

Secret to Happiness - Messy is All Right

People think we live in quiet solitude in our isolated mountain farm. This is so far from the truth, but to look at any photograph one would only see the tranquility of nature, not human affairs.

My life is messy, the dishes are never totally done, either is the laundry, you should consider yourself lucky if you catch me on a day when my floor is clean. Seeds, and plans and projects and renovations make a "clean" house impossible. But if you came to my door I would welcome you with a clean chair and a nice cheery spot to share our tea. I would hope to delight you with the latest from my culinary repertoire, today it would be smoked rainbow trout with homemade goat cheese. Then, if you stayed the afternoon you would join me picking nettles, dandelion and chives for supper. We would gather eggs and feed the chickens and turkeys, then watch their existence for a while with awe and delight.

When we bought this place 10 years ago it was little more than a shack in the woods. It met our qualifications of a road, power, water and sewer but it was all 40 years old. It has all been updated and upgraded, but we are still not done. Then we found rot in the forest and had to cut it down to save our house. The piles of debris wood sat for years as we used them for construction and firewood. Last year we got rid of the piles and now are working with cleared land, this year we must plant to get ahead of the grass.

Simultaneously, today, my husband is putting in a new septic system, one acre is ready to be planted in fruit and berry bushes, we have to get an electrical plug in checked because my freezer keeping going on and off, we have no water til we get to the top of the hill to clean the filter, we have 20 rooster than need to go. Next week new waterlines will be put in and a new garden constructed on another half acre which as cleared last fall.

We were content to buy a cabin in the woods, we are still content today. As nature evolves around us, we must evolve too. It has made us "be" more, better than we were before moving here. I want to show everyone how wonderful this life is, so I take perfect pretty pictures. I don't normally speak on such a personal level, but today, in celebration of the new moon bringing the new beginnings of life to nature, I feel compelled to expose the truth.

Life is messy. The only way to show you the perfection of this lifestyle is to show you the mess, then you can appreciate the transformation and the generosity of the wild natural world we are all meant to play in. Peace

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March 16, 2010

Gardening by the Moon - New Moon Phase

We are now experiencing a new moon. It is the week after the week without a moon and it happens every month. This is the best time to plant annual flower seeds. It is the best time to plant annual vegetables like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower in seeding trays. And the best time to plant seed crops like millet, sunflowers and oats.

The new moon this month is from March 15 until March 22. The plants listed above must be planted before this date so they can mature properly. Here is a general tutorial for starting seeds at home:

March 12, 2010

Cure for Depression

Ruralrose said:

You can never predict what the future has in store so it is very important to be as satisfied with your personal life as possible. Who cares what it looks like? Who cares about your position in the the community? What matters is being so happy and healthy you want to live a long time. Staying at home affords you this, it makes it so you don't need so much money all the time. Life isn't the "struggle against" as it is in monetary society, but in our natural state a "flow with" instead, which brings great relief from worry. Your children are going to learn so much from the experience of the change and how their life is improved, and yours, in itself is reason enough. Education is education. Maybe it is silly to expect "higher learning" and the "corporate ladder" to success to be there, who knows? You are depressed because your inner self is screaming, get me out of here please let me live the life I was put on the earth to be. That is to nourish your body and soul with pleasures of nature. They are unseen to the monetary world, but like love sustain happiness, joy and bliss. Peace

March 06, 2010

Access Denied

to my blogger friends, today is the first time i have been granted access to blogger in a week, i don't know how long it will last as i came a round about way - hope you are all well, if i am away for a while you will now know why - peace for all