March 11, 2011


Hello World - First of all thanks to those who left me "thinking of you" notes and while I have been on blogger hiatus. I have decided not to go to bed, as it is already 6:00. I can't stop worrying with concern about our collective future and how I should write some here today.

I am glad for this little blog. It started as a free way to advertise my book and it turned into my open door to the world. In these past month I have missed visiting with you all from my comfy chair. Another thing it has allowed me to document my predictions in public. Wacky weather and food shortages to me weren't really predictions, but knowledgeable anticipations.

My next anticipation is disruption to services on a large scale. We can't be dependent on the internet for banking and business. Plan for your disaster. Be able to take care of your family. We all know what our disaster could be. Do you live on a fault line or flood plain? Do you have stored food, flashlights. medicine?  Do you have seeds saved?  Toilet paper, light bulbs, salt?

Most of our food is in freezers, so we need a generator to make sure they run if the power goes out. We live in the forest with wood heat, so we do everything in our power to prevent a fire event. We even have water hydrants on our farm.

Get together with your friends and family and pool your resources.  Who has the freezer?  Who the pantry?  The 4x4, the boat, the sump pump?  Many people buying a storage tank of fuel will pay less per gallon than buying it at the pumps.

We haven't seen hardship on this continent since the great depression.  Ironically, the planets have just now aligned to the same configuration as then.  It is not hard to see the political unrest, social turmoil, or not to feel for the displaced, hungry and homeless people of the world today. 

Don't just sit and pretend you won't be touched by these global changes, get ready!  What have you got to lose?  If there was very a moment in time to set things up for the future it is now!  Now when there is still order and abundance.

I hope you all know me well enough to know I am not a doomsayer, fear monger or even a pessimist.  We can survive, we are smart enough, we are strong enough, this is important enough.


I wrote the above a week ago, but was too shy to post it.  The tragic events of today has prompted me to do so now.