January 08, 2016

Ascension January 9, 2016

"I had to trust life and believe that life loved the person who dared to live it." Maya Angelou. 

It began at the end of the Mayan calendar, not the end of times but the birth of new times.  Tomorrow, January 9th, the new moon marks and important day in evolution on this planet.  From this day forth we can access a component of our consciousness previously hidden.  The doors which once were closed to us living life to the fullest have now been swung wide open.

What is different now?   The fantasy which runs in your mind, like the perfect escape from the now, is about to become reality, if you believe it will.  That is why it is in your mind to wake you up to this reality. Not the power of positive thinking (with respect Mr. Peale), that was for then.  It is where you put your energy.  If you are always putting your energy into protection from negative outcomes, then that is what you will facilitate.  On the other hand, if your energy, that is thinking and doing, goes only to manifesting a positive outcome, your dream, then that is what will be.  

In order to fully ascend to be able to create your own reality you must love yourself, choose happiness in every moment and be kind wishing the same love and happiness for all.  This is done by following your heart's desires and singing, dancing, music, art, play, laughter, intimacy, taking in nature by walks, gardens and plants, holding crystal gemstones and petting animals.

I know I cannot prove this, but there are many facets of our spiritual communities which concur.  The planets have this alignment in space, the Age of Aquarius, indigenous folklore, but this time is also called the Christ Conscience by new agers, or the second coming of brother Jesus for the Christians, and it marks an important 50 year prophecy for our Jewish brethren.  

So what do I do with this information Ruth?  Believe.  Believe only that it will happen, don't believe the thoughts that it won't happen.  They say those negative thoughts are from the ego, from the mind of the earth beast we inhabit, important in the past to keep us safe.  These signals from the ego are no longer necessary.  The spark of life that is our true form has evolved, we can now create our happily ever afters, indeed that is what is expected and required of us.  This is how love wins and good conquers the evil of the world.

How do you know this is real?  You don't, that is why it only works when you can love yourself enough to believe that best is for you now, otherwise your energy will make the same groundhog day it always has.  Time will tell, don't miss out, what have you got to lose? Sending love, you know i always do, peace