June 06, 2010


The best time to get rid of unwanted plants is while the left side of the moon is lit. At this time most plants are concentrating on their flowers and seeds, weeds that normally won't budge when pulled, come out easily. Seed heads allow to mature now will surely drop their seed during the next moon phase. It is also the time to prune to discourage growth. How can I use this to my advantage?

Well let's look at the lowly comfrey plant. It is a perennial who self sows readily, although valueable in it's own right can quickly overtake a garden space. You are best to catch the little seedlings before they develop much of a root. Once established they are very hard to get rid of.
I cut my flowers off 3 times a year.

They are a wonderful plant for attracting bees to the garden. Comfrey is used as a medicinal herb. It also speeds up decomposition in the compost. I use it to mulch, or smother, weeds around other plants too.


  1. This is good to know. Although, I weed when I have the time. If I would wait for a proper moon phase and that I have time and that weather permits... I guess I would never weed.

    Beautiful comfrey, I would love to have one this size.

  2. So I am hoping that with all the weeding I did this weekend I was in the right moon phase. Pesky City Codes, no weeds or grass over 10 inches high, I can't convince them its not weeds they are wildflowers (Fleabane and other Astors) we have had so many birds and butterflyer its been wonderful. The city says unless they are intentionally planted they are weeds. So DD 12 and I have spent 4 days pulling weeds and turning soil. We should have a nice black mulch lot by the end of the week and then I get to work pissing off my prissy neighbors. I am building my raised beds on the fence line, and leaving one empty to make them think its compost. I want them to complain before I start putting compost in it so I don't have to deal with the hassle. Then along the fence that remains I will plant wildflower beds about 2 feet wide. The remainder of the land will be wheat grass seeded, and let to grow this year, then next year I will extend the beds more.
    I had my 45 bales of organic hay delivered on Sat and boy was every body watching the city girl with the hay. Wonder what they are going to do when I build a chicken coop on the front lawn?
    So much for conforming, now I am doing it my way ;)

  3. i love comfrey and yes it can be invasive.. unless you have pigs in which case it will magically disappear ;)

  4. I hear you Vrt!! Pigs make everything disappear, lol. Tree Hugger you go girl!! Peace