November 03, 2010

Best Mushroom Recipe - Can I eat this mushroom?

The every growing number of frosty nights has halted the search for pine mushrooms as they are all mush now. But there are many of these mushrooms, I think it is a Boletus spadiceus, as found here, mushroom identifying link. The cap is looks like rich brown suede, the underneath is yellow. Is this mushroom edible? How would you cook it?

Fried up my last batch of pines yesterday. This is a no fail, best tasting mushroom recipe. Cut the mushrooms into small pieces. Fry over low heat with a tablespoon or 2 of butter. Fry this way until all the moisture from the shrooms has evaporated and they start to brown. Add a tablespoon of 2 of soya sauce, a sprinkle of corn starch, salt and sugar. Stir as sauce thickens keeping on low heat. Here you will see someone could not wait for me to take the picture before digging in. Try it, you will like it.


  1. I don't know anything about the boletus you found although I have read that there are very few poisonous Boletes out there. Those pine mushrooms look delicious! Wish I could try some. We found some Late Fall Oysters yesterday and are trying to figure out how best to use them. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks Geno - have never had oysters myself, only found one cluster in 1/2 mile radius. Do you know honey mushrooms? I haven't picked your wood ears yet, how do you cook them? peace

  3. I don't know about your bolete either, except to agree with Geno that most boletes won't make you ill, although some taste pretty bitter. There is a bolete around here that is reddish on top and yellow below, and the yellow stains blue when you run a fingernail across it. That one is not good to eat.

    There are honey mushrooms in the woods near my house, but I haven't eaten any of them. Too many people I know have gotten sick from them. Apparently, not everyone can eat them, and I haven't felt like pushing my luck. I have heard that they need to be cooked for a long time, and also that people who can eat them really like them.

  4. Thank you so much for this Amy. This mushroom sat on my counter waiting for a reply . . . I sure would rather be safe than sorry. I also didn't know this about honey mushrooms and will not be harvesting them for the same reason. I don't mind having a limited list, it makes things easier. I really needed your words, thanks. peace

  5. That's an edible Boletales sp.

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