August 02, 2011


Today I cut down the burdock and thistle in my meadow. The burdock was over 7' tall! Although there were only about 40 plants their stocks were 3 - 5" around. By the moon, this is the best week, until August 1, is the best time to cut down plants your don't want. For one thing if cut now their seeds will be too immature to grow new plants and secondly since the plant is putting so much into the flower (thus finally seed) its defenses are down and will not easily be able to recover.

After 10 hours of cutting the burdock down I realized it would take twice as long to haul out all the pieces.  I also noticed they were covered in bees and other insects that would not easily find flowers now. Tired, sore and sweaty I give in, the burdock wins this round - Caution:  Lessons to Learn Ahead - and the world just keeps on spinning, and I am just along for the ride!


  1. do you have the drink Dandilion and burdock over there ruth?

  2. Oh man! I am drowning in burdock! I cut it early this year and it just grew back in little pieces multiplied many times over. Next year I am waiting until Aug 1 to cut it!