September 17, 2011

Planting by the Moon - From the Full Moon until the New Moon Plant Root Vegetables, Plant Trees, Plant Perennials Now

This is a pile of very old and dry manure on a sheet of plastic.  You can use bagged manure or compost.  It is placed it will see the most sun in the day.

Throw a couple of packets of carrot, beet and radish seeds, scattering them all over your pile.   These vegetables grow better when it is cool instead of hot.

The following picture is a radish sprouting.  Daikon radish is an example of how big radishes can get.  Big roots can be stored for months.  Plant seeds for the biggest ones you can find to make growing them worth the effort.

The bottom picture is beets.  Did you know that the beet seed you plant is actually a little flower head of 6 seeds, hence you get 6 beets for each seed!

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