July 12, 2012

Sunny Smiles

 if you were here now,
too hot to work,
 we would sneak away to the seclusion of the stream, 
captive to the dancing shadows of the trees,
cut off from the sounds of the world
by the rush of the water
 breathe deeply the ozone 
 feel the cool on your skin,
 in front of you an endless emerald forest 
dancing with butterfly
 decorated with berries
time slips away 
life is magic
when we return
our feet are cold from water
our dresses wet from the frolic
our hearts filled with gratitude
to love the land
is to be loved by the land
as it should be
home is waiting

My humility and gratitude for my land is great today, as we watch much loved land and people whither from afar.  Praying for relief for my brothers and sister suffering.

I have been silent for months now . . . reluctant to say the only thing left worth saying . . .


if you don't you will look back at this moment with regret, 
why not look back on it with pride?

The world will not end when this generation does.  We do have the power to change the course of our lives.  We can focus on the realities of being alive rather than these collective illusions which keep us in bondage.


  1. You have such a beautiful way with words...Our spirits are now lifted and we know we can and will conquer our fears through this journey...Your brothers and sister will see you soon...be ready for hugs because your going to get lots of them...

  2. Many people sit on the fence (of life) stuck. It really takes a 'shove' sometimes to get going. Your poem is so refreshing .. and 'visually' refreshing. I'm glad you posted .. it's been too long :) Have a blessed day.

  3. thanks, you are such a doll, i know you do your part to do some well deserved shoving too lol - peace

  4. I am new to your blog and just wanted to say hi. The pic of the flowers on this post are absolutely stunning. Nice to meet you :)

  5. Beautiful poem. I can feel the cool of the river and the woods.

  6. thanks Heiko, could be real help coming our way soon, and not a second to waste getting milk sheep this week, have to drop by soon and see what you are up to until then, peace