November 08, 2012

How to start again? SHTF Survival Homestead Help Me Please

And so now it is time to begin again . .

How to start again?

1.  Try to relax.  Even in our worst crisis we can still hear the self voice.  We don't want to, we want to be totally justified in our frustration and sorrow.  The voice says, now let it go, know this will pass, just float in the flow. Truth is even when we have everything we have no control.  When you have nothing you are thankful for this.

2.  Do what is in front of you to do.  Hungry, then find food.  Sick, then go back to bed.  Lonely, then go help someone.  We are not here to work to extinguish the world with our consumerism.  Without the consideration of money, you can see where you want to be in life, and you don't need money to walk that path everyday.

3.  Be kind to yourself.  Don't accept negative or condemning thoughts. Let them pass like farts because they are only the gas of the mind and should have no bearing on your life.  Feelings of guilt or remorse should be like thoughts of memories and then let go too.  Don't let anyone use guilt to make you do something you don't want to do, this is abusing yourself unnecessarily.

4.  Take care of your body.  This vehicle is your equipment to survive the journey so keep it  healthy.  Feed it, clean it, clothe it, exercise it, pleasure it, enjoy it, share it, love it.  Don't wear things that don't fit.  Don't subject it to the incessant damage of toxins in food and in your environment.    Don't allow someone else to exploit your body by using you as a money making machine, if you do you will pay with your body on another day.

5.  Look only forward.  There is a reason we forget the days so quickly, how they just evaporate from existence,  It is because they do.  Holding on to the past is like trying to catch farts.  What's the point?  This second is the most important in our minds, that is because each must be experienced to the fullest.  And then, similarly, let go to make room for the next.  Everything changes all the time, be available for what life's gifts ahead.

Regardless of what we have or who you have, know you are right where you are to be in the history of the world.  Listen to the voice who whispers what you need to do to live a satisfying life.  Consider it predetermined.  Consider all you will need will be there when you need it.  Consider you are important to the world in this second, otherwise you would not be here.  Consider everyone doing what they should be doing to make this life a blessing to the world.

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