January 01, 2013

Survival 2013 - Hope Restored

It is in the dead of winter my heart holds the most optimism for the future.  It is in the darkest days we can see how we truly want our lives to be.  My toes are cold today, but we are secure, safe and happy.    This is the year people will come together to fight for a better life for all.

This is the perfect day to press restart and begin again.  

To be self sustaining and ecologically efficient begins at the beginning too.

Today fantasize about how you want your life to be this year.  


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours Ruth. It's gonna be a good one all round I can feel it in my urine... :)

  2. I have been doing a lot of squirreling away of things lately, haven't been blogging much about it lest the masses think I've gone off the deep end LOL... glad I can come here and get inspired! What a gorgeous photo. Best wishes for your family this year!

  3. I'm glad that 2012 is over. We lost a granddaughter to heart disease and it was a trying year. A new grandson is due in early April to brighten our hearts. Life goes on and people find a way to sustain themselves with what is available. This is the year my hubby retires and we make due with our savings and pensions. I am watching EVERY dollar for sure. Salt .. you mentioned in this post .. this is the second time in a day I've read about storing away salt. Will take it as a sign to stock up :) May you stay warm this winter.

  4. Thanks for the visit guys, especially since i have been off line for so long. I will come visit your blogs. Heiko, still waiting for farmers, not one yet. Peace