February 22, 2009

Tomatos - if you want em start now!

Tomatoes in pots. See the banana peels important to prevent black rot on the bottom of tomatoes.

I grow my tomatoes in tires. It heats up the ground like they like and holds in moisture like I like. Those are my little pepper plants from the house beside them.

This is my 4 year old tiny tim tomato plant last summer. I let my favorite chicken pick them off the vine since we were all tired of eating them through the winter. It is in a large pot.


  1. Banana peels? How does that work? Do tell!

  2. Hi Christy - keep em coming I love to share how to grow food - it is so rewarding - both the sharing and the growing - lol

    Potassium keeps the bottom of the tomato from getting black rot! i just eat the banana and put the peel next to the plant. i swear by it as i always used to loose a lot of tomatoes to it and now i never do - peace