February 21, 2009

oh spring where for art thou ?!

Well I am ready to start. See my ready trays? Last year I ordered seed from e-bay and got nothing, lost $50. This year I ordered certified organic open pollinated seeds from a certified dealer for $3.50 per pack plus shipping. I recieved the order 3 packets short, 2 packets from 2004, 5 packets from 2005 and only 3 from 2008. Frosts my corn flakes!! Supposed to sell fresh seed right? Anyone?

Some flowers onions and leeks can be started now.

The plants in the back are my neglected pepper plants. yes shamelessly I have not doted on them in the past few months, but really I have had these same plants growing in my life for six years now. Every month or so each plant gives me hot peppers to eat. Sweet peppers are not so prolific in the house but you can keep them alive through the winter to be a mature plant with a head start for the growing season. You can do this with tomato plants, again cherry tomatoes will produce through the winter but keep other tomato "mothers" in pots over winter too. On the floor are my geraniums and begonias which can take the cool of the floor through the winter and still bloom.

Gonna publish my book on lulu.com tonight. big night for me as it is the first book i ever finished!

peace all


  1. I had no idea you could keep tomatoes over the winter and have them still grow! Do you cut them down to the stump or do the leaves stay on or what? Any description would be great!

  2. HI there!

    1. I want to know about the tomatoes too!
    2. I have to confess I have rose and hydrangea sprouts already and I didnt cut either one back...I am a bad garden mom for sure!
    3. So I can start tomatoe seeds and sweet pea seeds now?

    Have a wonderful week! Pam

  3. Hello Ladies, so happy to have visitors today! Tomatoes are naturally a perennial and can live like a house plant for years. The longest I kept one was 4 years, I let it go last spring because my family was tired of eating them! Plum and cherry tomatoes will produce happily through the winter and then on through the summer. In late summer I take tip cuttings from my full size tomato plants and pot them to root and grow in the house through the winter. I do keep them trimmed they give me tomatoes at least three weeks early. I also start tomato seeds, keep the sprouts close to the light so they don't go too spindly. I haven't grown sweet peas before, although in my fantasy my garden is filled with them, food has been my main concern. I am sure it is not too early though. I'll post pictures, Peace