May 26, 2009


Desire rules lives. 
Too many desires consumes lives.
Too few desires can disintegrate a life.

In that moment when you are begging for your desires consider this:

Is this desire only to conform with the delusions of cultural conformity?
Can I be satisfied with what is now in this moment?
What is is.
Acceptance or hatred of it is changes it nothing.

                                    -Ruth Trowbridge

The picture is of a high bush cranberry.  It has beautiful large flower clusters in the spring, red and amber foliage in the fall and pretty red berries all winter.  Peace


  1. Hmm. I like this. I may have to reference it. If so, I will give you the credit and link to this post.

  2. Awww that is sweet Tim, I am flattered knowing the quality of your work. You are the first to comment on my poetry. I would appreciate the credit. I really don't understand linkng. Thanks for the visit. Peace