May 31, 2009

Middle Age

Blogger Ruralrose said...

You have pigs too - lucky you. It is funny how in age your mind replays the past. At 45 this has been happening to me as well. Only instead of looking at the reruns with sadness, anger or guilt, somehow I can look at the whole situation from an outsiders perspective. This has been like a gift for me allowing for self forgiveness. In other words, how i perceived my reality was only in reaction to larger things that were going on. It totally is weird to still feel like a girl and be an old woman, to long for a life of a girl and relish the peace that comes with age. We are such little characters in such a large story. Thanks for sharing and letting me share, peace for all.


  1. I'm also surprised every time I look in the mirror. I expect to see that wide-eyed girl of 17, but instead I see the crows feet of middle age.

    Who knew?

  2. I know what you mean Christy, I expect to see a grinning 6 year old and see a stern looking matron. I look at seniors different too, instead of aliens as people in disguise of who they are. Thanks for stopping by, wouldn't think you had time with that magic garden of yours. Peace for all

  3. rose,
    Blanche is almost bald and moulting, I doubt she could sit for a whole 3 week incubation as she is a hen that typically does not eat and hardly drinks when sitting, even when she is removed three times a day.
    hopefully the new duckling will give her a new family instantly and therefore help her recover!

    ps tried the yogurt and oats this evening!!!!