June 24, 2009

Planting by the Moon

June 22 marks the new moon in June. A new moon refers to when there is no moon visible in the night sky. The natural astronomical pressure works in a gardener's favor making it an excellent time for seeds to germinate. It usually rains during this week. This time of year, this phase of the moon is excellent time to plant cover crops like buckwheat or leafy greens like collard or basil. In cooler months, this is the best phase of plant lettuce and brassicas.


  1. I wonder, does that include perennials? I'm not really familiar with planting by the moon cycles, but do find it interesting enough to try it.

  2. I always meant to read more on this aspect of gardening and planning, but now I definitely plan to make time to learn about it. I just happened to have some time the night of the 21st to plan my next batch of seed sowing and sowed the next day on the 22nd. Wouldn't you know that it has showered every evening the past 3 days and all my edamame and french beans have sprouted, along with some herbs that I was expecting to take at least 10 days! My solstice gardening was completely by chance, but after reading your post, I am going to seek more info!

  3. Planting by the moon is something I would like to learn more about, once I get the basics down that is. How is your garden doing? We don't get to hear (or see) much personal stuff from you! Kris

  4. Isn't it wild and wonderful! I will write more about it today before I go to the garden.

    Sue you won't believe the difference it makes to plant with the natural cycles of the planet. Just see Erin's comment here. Perennials, biennials, trees, anything that has to go through winter is best planted the week following the full moon.

    Yes not much personal stuff from me. Why? Well everyone's garden is so clean and manicured and mine is overgrown and chaotic. This is my first year blogging and I am trying to find my nitch without pasting the same old pictures of food growing. Hopefully my blog will be how to manage the chaos!

    Kris some errors in regards to moon planting were revealed in the e-book. I want to send you a replacement copy early next week you are on my list.

    So happy for the visitors, peace for all