June 26, 2009

Planting by the Moon

What you won’t read on a seed packet is when to plant them. Knowing this critical factor is crucial to being able to grow food most effectively. You can bury seeds to fit your schedule, but they will sprout and grow on their own schedule. How do we know the ideal times for garden chores? The reflection of the moon, in its predictability, is to cue your participation.
From when there is no moon until the moon is full, plant annuals and biennials that produce food above ground. During the week following the full moon, plant perennials, trees and bushes, and biennial root vegetables. Seeds planted in this way have the best chance for strong germination and development. They will grow to their fullest potential joined with the forces of nature.
The following week, when the left side of the moon is lit, until there is no moon at all, no planting is done. Instead, this week is for removing unwanted plants and attacking unwanted insects. Trim plants that have grown too large now to discourage new growth. It is the ideal time to harvest food so it will keep well during long term storage.
It is a relief to surrender to the power of nature by planting and harvesting by these ancestral edicts. Do not underestimate the force that rules the entire the world. From the tides created to pull the world forward through loss and gain, winter and summer, birth and death, is the same water which will bring your seed to life.
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