October 21, 2011

Grow Grapes Easy Wild Free Food

Grapes grow like weeds
Grapes are really a no brainer crop. They need full sun, and little to no fertilizer each season. They do not need to be pruned, although I do cut them back as they are picked. The trick with grapes is finding the right variety for the length of summer you have. There are 9 varieties here and 1 never ripens fully. I am in zone 6. They really do grow and live as easily as trees. This green seedless grapes are called Himrod. I take hardwood cuttings in the winter and end up with many, many starts, too bad I can't send them to you!  Peace


  1. I have never had my grape vines grow like weeds. I wish they would. Mine struggle. Even the muscadine vines. I take it we are missing something in the soil. Lime I think since one year I put limestone pellets around them and got a few grapes. I do keep trying though. This year I planted a few in large pots. The ducks ate one but I still have the other one (out of the ducks reach now, of course).

  2. Hi Becky - do they have full sun, this is a must for production - don't water them unless they wilt and don't fertilize them - don't prune them until full production - i think they just don't like to be fussed over, thanks for the visit - peace

  3. I have grape plants I need to replant in the spring. I bought bare roots this past spring and just stuck them in the garden .. not in the spot I want them .. then I got intimidated again about all the pruning and trellising of them .. maybe I should just let them grow wild .. I wonder if the deer eat the leaves?? Currently they are inside a fenced area. Humm .. I wonder??