October 04, 2011


Prosperity follows a set cycle; as set as the seasons.
A wish, a prayer, a hope, a dream, a yearning; this is the beginning of all.

Planning, saving, studying; a steadfast confidence in what will come. 

Opportunities, trials and difficult beginnings; 
what you want makes a difference in the world. 

Repetitive tasks, working with others, satisfaction; 
where you can see your efforts make easy your life. 

Reaping, saving, letting go; 
preparing to rest and recharge in security.
Until again a wish, a prayer, a hope, a dream; 
the beginning of it all.

                                                    -Ruth Trowbridge

One of a Kind
Original Design Guaranteed

Each fairy flower is constructed individually with a sparkly center.

Length of earring is 2 3/4 inches
Gold plated hooks and chain

Shipping Cost: First Item $6.00 
additional items ship FREE 

Experienced jewellery maker 
guarantees satisfaction 
with quality of materials and workmanship. 

If you are not fully delighted 
with your purchase return it for a full refund.

If you are purchasing more than one item, to take advantage of the
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