December 30, 2014

Quilt of Healing

I closed this blog, as it was always my intention, to keep my privacy and security.  Little did I realize the number of people who visit here daily nor the flurry of email I was to get in protest.  When I started homesteading, almost 2 decades ago, not many people were doing it.  This blog was to convince people that this is the best way to help yourself, your family, your community, and contribute to the mending of the planet.

I am going to begin posting again to honor the next generation of homesteaders who don't need convincing.  They are smart and determined willing and ready to work together as we network a quilt of healing across our earth,  They have taught me this is not a time to hide, it is a time to fight.  I feel so blessed to have my heart be connected to yours.


  1. So happy to see that you've returned! We've missed you and your insights into the world.

  2. thanks Amy, i have spent some time catching up with you, lots to read, but i have missed you too and your intelligent honesty as well, thanks for the note, it warmed my heart today, peace