January 01, 2015

Homestead Time

How are we to survive?  We are going to expose the secrets and lies that are making us no more than creatures for consumption.  I am so happy to be able to reveal these things to you.

Time is not the same as in the consumer world, corrupted by greed and deafened by suffering.  Dollar per hour is just a formula for slavery.  If a homesteader got paid minimum wage for their labour they would be rich people.  Homeseading is not a way to make money.  In fact it costs money to set up and maintain.

The trade off is, the amount of money you save freely by your labour and frugality and the opportunities that open from you being available.   Fresh organic food, exercise, life outdoors, quiet time in nature, having time to do what you want, free from the shackles of time restraints you also add quality to your life.  It is the ultimate of self employment.

Today I caught a big dog on my place, I scared him off, easily done, in that moment I was available. But this year I also lost my best milker to a cougar, I
was away selling at a market, in that moment years of investment and return were lost.  Money per hour means nothing.

Homesteading has a component rarely spoke of out loud.  It is the quality of life you gain with the experience.  There is a silence in the planning, in the work, a focusing that allows the mind to tap into the power of creation.  We feel it and know that our efforts are aligned to our proper place here. Time disappears like in a great novel, song or drawing and the magic flows through us.

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