August 20, 2015


Like starlight is from a long dead star, we are living the consequences of all before us.  We have no choice in this matter.  We do have the choice whether or not we agree things should continue as they are.  What is happening to the world will happen until something changes to make it happen another way.

Needed here are people who put the utmost of value in personal stewardship and duty to contribute to the blossoming of the planet.  You are who you think you are.  It is a calling in the highest of nature that can whisk you away to the super natural is also a basic human instinct.  It is going to take a critical mass of humans coming together to from this minute on.

To begin you must begin where you are.  Prepare for it like a grand adventure.  Take the challenge on with the gusto of a video game; plan, gather coin, enhance your skills and join with allies.  Strive, through relentless practice, to master each level; to go on to the next where things are more fun more challenging and more rewarding.  Do so with pleasure, constantly facing challenges without fear, knowing the design is for your success.

There is no way to anticipate the events of the day or the outcome of your efforts.  Life is not to be predicable but keeps us guessing and foraging for ourselves.  Some day will accomplish great feats, some days you will seem to go backwards.  Loss and miscarriage, error and trial are necessary components in learning to honour the powerful force of nature.  It is the perseverance that reduces the handicap and the experience which strengthens us.  Happily be prepared for the worst while expecting the best.  Take each day as it comes, knowing the acceptance of your stewardship role is all that is expected.

You may have excellent intentions to produce in a particular season and fail.  There will be diversions; a year when a skunk gets your chickens or a late freeze kills your fruit, or a drought, or a pressing personal matter that keeps you from taking part in the season.  Even the best laid plan will get altered and amended after it is implemented.  The only requirement is participation and the only result is providence.

Take your cues from nature.  Invisibly, but as obviously as the seasons move the world through time so they call man to action.  It becomes how well you can hear the calling of the seasons to know the chores of the day.  Be available, don’t be busy searching for money instead be striving for sustenance, happiness and satiation.

This submissive engagement allows you to align yourself to your true nature.  Allow yourself a fresh start, brand new and eager, be lead by the inherent cycles of nature.  Once you do, it is like you are aligned and important as the invisible sprockets in a perpetual watch.  Take your rightful place joined with the ever abundant flow which connects the very creation of life.  Lives propelled by providence can procure security and survival for all.

Taking our rightful place in the natural world is akin to music and art, which appears like creative genius.  While the magic is obvious, we as the artists must learn our craft, fine tune it, and practice, practice, practice.  Music does appear because that is a guitar, it exists because someone took the time, and put value in learning to make it.  So it must be with all life.

What would you rather do when you are working for money?  Does it consume your thoughts when you try to sleep at night or whisper to you as you sit in traffic?  How does time disappear for you?  These are powerful indicators of what you are to accomplish for your life to be fulfilled.  Put your life’s magic into your existence.  Why keep it tucked away, for what?  Follow your own path with joy, you haven’t missed it, it is still calling for you.

If we refuse to play our rightful part in the balance of nature, the magic will cease to exist and we will be putting the lives of all at peril.  Acknowledging our importance is the only way to save what is left of the integrity of the planet.  We are to nurture and assist Mother Nature as she tries to heal the planet from greed’s onslaught.

No longer will we be slaves to the false idol of money, but in free alliance with nature.  Life is to be lived in eager anticipation for each moment as your needs are met and our life fulfills its purpose for existence.  We can accept the status quo in fear the unknown holds nothing for us; or we can believe we were born for a better world, full of satisfaction, joy and peace.

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