August 30, 2015

Diet and Longevity

The sole purpose of your body is to maintain health.  The modern store bought diet, and the use of chemicals to heal and clean, have disrupted the body’s natural responses and healing abilities.  Allergies, irrational cravings, lethargic ambition, and raging anger and debilitating malaise are signals of contamination.  When we keep our bodies away from the diet we were designed, for we can only run on reserves for so long then deterioration setting us up for chronic illnesses and unable to ward off future health problems.

Deterioration also leaves us vulnerable to the biologic unseen, which if not kept in check, can take down any man.  Invasive growths like mould, bacteria and fungi and parasites thrive and breed in deterioration, as it is their ideal environment.  This accumulation of the smallest is always trying to break down the world to compost, as this is their responsibility.

It is imperative for vitality and longevity to consume foods as fresh and natural as possible.  By gorging on fresh organically produced food preserved when it is naturally ripe, we can match our diet the seasonal nutritional needs of our bodies.  By eating for health and avoiding chemicals we can build strong bodies and ward off deterioration.

Fermented foods, like vinegar, pickles and yogurt are very important to health and must be included daily to a human diet to keep invasive bacteria at bay.  Nuts and seeds are vital to obtain optimum nutrition and they are essential to rid the body of parasites.  Essential oils are also extremely effective to overcome negative bacteria, parasites and viruses.  Derived from nature plant based remedies work as ideal nourishment to restore and maintain a healthy body.

Don’t let the fear of food contamination keep you from using your kitchen.  An iota of apprehension is natural perhaps even why people began praying over their food.  This innate response is also beneficial as it keeps us vigilant to store food properly and clean in a timely manner after eating.

Wash your hands well before you start cooking.  Bacteria and parasites living on raw meat or in water used to clean vegetables, when present can transferred to your kitchen, always be aware of this.  The best way to clean vegetables is to sprinkle them with salt and rinse them under running water.  If this isn’t practical set them for a couple of minutes in salted water.
All meat is stored in the freezer or fridge, the cooked away from raw.  Unless frozen, meat should be cooked and consumed within four days.  Keep raw meat on a clean plate to contain the blood.  Make it a practice to cut raw meat of a serving plate, and wash it and the knife before you begin preparing the vegetables.  Wash anything that may have touched the meat or meat juice during preparation, including your hands, water tap, fridge door handle and stove knob with hot soapy water.

Store pickles, dressings, eggs, cheese, yeast, dairy products, vegetables, fruit and leftovers in the fridge.  Do not store vegetables wet or in plastic wrap.  It is imperative to always use a clean knife every time you retrieve a pickle or scoop mayo or mustard to keep them free from contamination.

Some foods can be stored in a dark, cool cupboard without refrigeration; including ketchup, mustard, dry grains, sugar and honey, spices, salt, vinegars, canned food, cooking oils, onions, potatoes, garlic, bananas, and tomatoes.

Always store apples away from other fruits and vegetables as their presence hastens rotting.  Don’t keep onions with garlic flavours as their flavours will mingle.  Produce will only store for a short time on the counter or in the fridge.

Be mindful to keep your fridge clean.  Any blood our spills should be washed up immediately with a vinegar solution.  Line the vegetable drawers with newspaper to absorb moisture and help prohibit mould.  Throw away anything that has spoilt immediately.  Remove all food from the fridge and wash down with hot soapy water, and rinse with a vinegar solution every month or so.

Clean the dishes and utensils well removing every trace of food particles and grease.  They should look as brand new when you put them in the cupboard.  First put the dirty glasses and jars in the sink, then add a couple of squirts of dish soap and fill with hot water only.  Let the glasses soak while the water cools enough for you.  Next clean the cutting board and rinse in with undiluted vinegar.  Then wash the dishes and utensils and finally the dirty pots.

Use a clean dishcloth for every sink of dishes.  Change water if it gets too dirty to be effective.  If possible, after washing, rinse your dishes in a sink of water to which a tablespoon of vinegar is added.  Let them air dry on a rack.  Don’t dry with a towel and don’t put anything away wet.

Make sure to clean all rivets, rims and seams where bacteria could hide. Hard to clean dishes need a bit of a soak before they can be washed clean.  Sometimes proteins, like eggs, get stuck to pans.  In this case soak them in cold water for a few minutes to loosen   The opposite is true as a soak in hot water loosens grease, sugars and carbohydrates like rice.  The most effective way to clean cast iron pans it to first soak a few minutes scrub with steel wool and rinse.

After all the dishes have been washed.  Fill the sink once more with hot soapy water and one quarter cup of vinegar.  Wash down the stove, sinks, table and counters with this vinegar solution.  Wash anything you touched while handling raw food, like the fridge door handle, knobs on cupboards and drawers and the dishsoap bottle.  Hang your dish cloth to dry.  To sanitize the dish cloths in the washing machine, using hot water and add one quarter cup of vinegar to the load.

Invisibly we are a cosmos of bacteria, virus and parasite all competing for the resources in our bodies.  They can help heal or kill us, some work as our allies and some not.  Sickness is not so much precluded because by foreign invaders ones as it is the lack of effectiveness of native force.  It is in your favour to create the conditions to allow those who work for good benefit to prosper and overpower the others.  Don’t sit passively as invasive forces slowly break you down.

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