September 03, 2009

How to Find Peace? SHTF Survival 2012

Life could be seen as a raft floating down a river on your way to the great ocean. 

We can fear getting snagged to by the bushes on the edges, be uncertain of those who ride with us and anxious of the turbulence which may lie ahead for us.

Inadvertently, in our ignorance, selfishness and panic lured by attractive little streams that promise what appears to be a shortcut or easier way. 

Naturally, unfortunately and inevitably, we always have to come back to our rightful place on the river. And, why is it somehow the stream back is never quite as alluring? 

We are not the raft, we are the river, the raft the conscience manifestation of life.


  1. seem perhaps at a bit of a tough stretch?

    if you are.............all I have to say is PEACE....(your phrase)

  2. aww thanks john, how can you read through the lines, am soooo busy, we put up most of what we eat from our yard including a winters worth of firewood, dead tired at night, sore in the morning, this will go on now until the snow flies - then i will just pine for spring again, lol

    we got our roofs fixed, the next outdoor furnace is on route and the freezers are almost full, things could be going better

    thanks for the visit and thinking of me you are such a dear man, and yes peace makes me feel better, peace lets me know nature is in charge and i have nothing to worry from the future (well at least not hunger this winter, lol)

  3. You are so right, and I loved what you wrote...I will remember that. My fear is that pretty soon, if the masses do not quickly change their ways, it will be too late to flow along the river as it will be all dried up.

  4. typo in my comment to John, it should read things could not be better, i should proof read my stuff more - peace

    Mr. H. thanks for the positive comment, your fear is also mine, enjoyed the banter, peace for all

  5. What a great feeling to be secure for another winter. (we won't starve either!-potatoes anyone??) Thanks for visiting through my rough spots!

  6. so pleased to see you blossom, was totally my pleasure to watch, can't wait to see what magic next year holds for us both - peace for all

  7. a wee bit late..have been busy as well.. i enjoyed reading what you said.. and yes, i also worry about our futures... but on the other hand there are a LOT of us folks out there, doing what we can to tread lightly on momma earth... and yep.. peace to ya too...
    wouldn't it be lovely to all be able to sit and have a cuppa tea together in real life!!!

  8. what a beautiful thought, I would so like to sit and have tea with you and talk about our love of nature and how it is going to save us all we would surely feel kindered - knowing you are out there fighting the fight and honoring nature and drinking the tea at the same time as I is a thrill too - peace for all