September 22, 2009

How to Find Happiness

People often ask me how I can live such a simple life away from creature comforts. Really I am usually at a loss for words. Busy now with filling the freezers and preparing beds and animals for winter, the snow will fly soon enough making my bondage this chair and this screen. Until then please enjoy a few moments of my life yesterday. The video is called mother hen with day old chicks meet the pitbull dog.


  1. I think your dog has met it's match.:) What a great little family, your hen certainly has her hands full.

    Our last dog was half pitbull and one of the most friendly and trustworthy dogs I have ever had. I never once worried about her hurting any of our other animals.

    It is hard to explain to others that if the simple things in life don't bring you happiness it is most likely that nothing will. What could be better then tending to ones own animals and enjoying the fruits of your labors during the long winter months.

  2. i wish we were neighbors, we would be fast friends for sure - This dog is the son of our purebred pitbull, she came to us starved from a puppy mill. She didn't even understand what you were doing by putting out your hand to pet her, she took down raccoons and weasels and still we never a moment of fear from aggression. Today I turned just in time to see my dog with a chick (whether he was assisting it back to the mother up for debate, in the dog's defense he, as a dog, has never hurt a bird), well you should have seen her chase the dog around the yard, 3 times through the gate until she came back to her nest. You know how they get - fierce, much more that the dog could take. I saw 3 new butterflies on my butterfly bush, I saw a monarch too, it is 6 weeks late and the first I have seen this year. As my cat lay sleeping, slung over the fence like a fluffy blanket, a huge blue dragonfly landed on its back - it freaked them both out what fun I had today watching all the antics. Yes this is bliss no doubt about it, thanks for the sweet comment - peace for all

  3. I love those gutteral cries of a broody hen with babies....wish I could let my mums free range .....the bullies dont allow it!

    are you snowed it for long Ruth?

    we brits dont really do snow very well

  4. What a charming video! So heart warming :-)I completely understand your life choices & I am sure you are rich far beyond any person who surrounds themself with material luxuries. I am hoping to get a couple of minutes to sit & read your book that you so kindly gave me now that the evenings are drawing in here. I'm really looking forward to it.

  5. thanks for the visit you guys, i eagerly await your blog posts - nice to see you here since I have been so delinquent in mine - peace for all

  6. Watching your video, I envy your "simple life"... My blissful moments are when I am carried away in my garden with weeding, and this year, harvesting fruit from my young trees and vines. The remainder of my life is way, way too hectic.

    I am amused at how those chicks are so dark & light - I wouldn't have expected those two extremes from the same hen.