October 27, 2009


Today's rant -

Blogger Ruralrose said...

In Canada schooling is like beef feed lots, herd em together, cram them full of useless crap and let them wallow in all the sh@t they make, i really think you are dodging a bullet here by not tainting your son with this outdated, deprecating mode of child management - if you can stay home save your son!


  1. It's the same in the U.S., they even feed them like cows. A sorry state of affairs.

  2. I know if I could go back in time, I would certainly have home-schooled. Alas, I can't. But I AM encouraging my son to home school HIS child.!

  3. My girls want me to homeschool them-I don't thing they realize what that means. When I place my 11 yr old who reads like a 12th grader into a small school with out the resources of EDGE classes...It may happen yet but I worry about the responsibility of it all-I am not an organized soul. Staying open to the possibilities

  4. lol, Mr. H you said it! The so called "Wellness Program" in the schools is a joke. How about we feed them truly nutritious food eveyday for lunch and snacks, and then allow the poor kids to bring in cupcakes on their birthday? Cause you know, that Trix Yogurt loaded with HFCS they like to give them is much healthier than a cupcake. Not.

  5. Homeschooling is a misnomer and an antiquated word. It is no longer the mother being the teacher. I only have one son, we live in the woods and rarely see people, physical socialization is difficult. When he did go to school he was on the bus 3 hours a day on icy mountain roads. Up at 6:00 am, have to make sure the road down the mountain is cleared of the night's snow fall, cost $5 to send nutritious lunch and all the plastic packaging that comes with it, then me coercing 3 hours of homework out of him before bed, not to mention the "special" clothes and trinkets necessary everyday. He wasn't learning anything, it was all about the "pecking order" the "socialization". He hedged the teachers and dodged learning like he dodged the bullies at lunch. They would spend weeks on some crappy art project and months on a stupid Christmas music thing, totally out of touch with kids today. Now, my son wants to learn more, be more. He goes to school by sitting in front of this screen and the whole world is his classroom. All his lessons are electronic and he completes them like a level on any video game he would play. He talks with people from many different countries about many different things in the course a day over the internet. It has nothing to do with me, nothing. At first I had to show him "how to learn" and "why to learn" and yes there was a little bribing involved, the first time I ever resorted to this but it was effective. Now at 16 there is no stopping him. He has been invited out to parties, to drink and get stoned like kids his age, but he declines, he is too busy with more important pursuits. He is taking German, and Latin, and well too many things for me to keep track, and planning where he wants to go to college. Our conversations at home are deep and powerful for all 3 of us. We eat hot lunches together, we are available for each other, it is a wonderful way to live.