October 10, 2009

Record Cold

as i sitting here my fingers cold hard like the keys, my husband gone on the 4 hour trip to get the "last fitting" (as if?!) to have my furnace finished - was very cold last night, with no heat i lost all the tomatoes, peppers, cukes and eggplant I had nurtured all summer to be able to grow inside all winter - some of my pepper plants were 9 years old, thai and jalapeno and yellow sweet and a yellow plum tomato we have been eating from steady for 4 years - the news says will be record breaking cold -10 (we usually get as low as -12 in January if ever) - so you know am to busy to do much more on here than complain, lol - thanks for the visit i will catch up with you as soon as i am warm! peace for all

p.s a happy shout out to my real life friend Terry who will be visiting my blog soon since she just got her a computer, smooches and hugs


  1. Sorry about your plants Ruth, they become part of the family, no? minus 10 F ?? Holy cow you guys don't mess around up there!

  2. What a bitter moment that must have been.

    My sympathies.

  3. thanks for the sympathy - it is all over now, got the concord, apples and elderberries today, already surrounded by tomatoes, hope you are warm, peace for all

  4. Sorry about the loss of your plants....that's NEVER easy.
    Stay warm!

  5. yes we are all ok, thanks for the warm thoughts - peace