October 02, 2009

Perparing for Winter

Today I am cutting up the bacons I smoked and pulling in the green tomatoes (most didn't ripen at all) before the frost which will certainly strike on the full moon. Soon I will have a lovely time posting all the pictures from this summer's adventures. Posting some here today for fun, peace for all

last day of summer

freezers are getting full

chickens are good

outdoor furnace going in none too soon

this is a 40 year old grape vine


  1. What a beautiful part of the country you live in! Your grapes look marvelous and I can almost taste that smoked bacon from here. I raised my own pigs about 15 years ago and have never had such good pork, actually other then the occasional strip of bacon I'm pretty sure I have not eaten pork since.

    Good job on all the great food you have stored away and I love the little red bus.

  2. thanks for the visit, am off to read your blog next, look forward to your posts very much because you are so hands on doing it like we are, i don't brag up my pork people won't believe how good it really is natural, the red bus is where i sell my jewellery (it is sort of under the table too, to get fire insurance on our house, to keep a mortgage, we had to pay an additional $500/year because i make jewellery to sell on the internet, (insurance totals 2500 per year) can you imagine what it would be if i sold from the bus?! we moved out here in the middle of no where (3 hours to a city, 1 to a town) to get away from the bureaucracy, but is is everywhere isn't it, peace

  3. Well this post is a mess isn't it - too rushed, apologies - photo 1 is last sunset of summer, the last photo is of a bunch of grapes on our 40 year old grapevine, bet you don't see that everyday - with you in mind i have been taking pictures as i work and after the apples, tomatoes, concords and roosters are done . . . prayers for your brother, peace for all

  4. Hey Ruralrose, I am sorry but I don't understand the "outdoor furnace", what is that?

    With Best Regards.

  5. I did not know that grape vines became that large or even that old for that matter. What kind of mother hen is that? Looks like my red-stars but they will never hatch.

  6. Greetings Ruth! Thank you for the beautiful sentiments on my previous post-you can always make me smile! Please, a post on how you butcher, process and smoke your pork. Maybe that can be a winter project since fall is so full of skurry, hurry here comes the snow!

  7. You are so organized! Me? Still haven't tidied up the garden yet but we have eaten most of the runner beans we planted!

  8. Quick replies today I am running in front of the frost as fast as I can, lol

    Mike - an outdoor furnace, is for us wood burning people, it is a big incinerator outside which heats water that heats our house - you use larger logs, less chopping wood, and you don't have to fill it so much - our last wood stove was in the basement and all the wood had to be chopped very small, and we were up and down the stairs more than 6 times a day to keep the house warm in the winter, it is a yipee thing, unfortunately my yard has been dug up like this for over a month and the guy doing the plumbing to hook it up as decided he doesn't want to do it anymore - finding good help in the woods is one of the most challenging aspects of life out here, you bet i will be visiting your blog to see how your summer turned out, thanks for the visit hope you are well

    Nobody - my chickens are mongrels at this point, started out with buff orpingtons, but as the years go one, girls no one wants anymore get added - she is an awesome mother, this year my teenage son (who is wonderful despite all stereotypes to the contrary) brought her out of the coup to live in the yard (free no pen) because he said the older chickens were mean to her. Sure enough she was bald and raw from the abundant males this year. She appreciated it so much, and would follow both my son and I around the yard as we worked, chatting and happy. We didn't see her for almost and month and when we saw her next she was literally showing off 11 day old chicks. I have had most small birds, parakeets, budgies, raised finches and had a patagonian conure for many years, but by far, chickens are the best birds. Thanks for the visit, I will be stopping by your place very shortly.

    Hi Kris, I will be posting my adventures in bacon making this year. I definitely think you should consider doing this next year, you certainly have the skills seeing how you took on those chickens this year. It to the table for less than $1 per pound, and I pay a butcher!

    Hi Pearl - loved your vintage posts this week, as soon as the snow flies I get to be an artisan again, can't wait to show you the jewellery which fills my mind, making cutting endless vegetables bearable. I am not organized, my dishes are stacked in the sink, the laundry hasn't been done in 3 weeks and I don't know what we are having for dinner, but we will not go hungry this winter. I see by the news winter has found you already. Thanks for the visit, you are a celebraty here!

  9. My parents have heated their home with a wood stove since I was a kid (I have cut, split, stacked, carried more firewood than I would ever care to admit!) and I think if they had thought of this this is what they would have done. Now I think it would be a bit much for them.

    Thanks for the info!

  10. hi mike, as i sitting here my fingers cold hard like the keys, my husband gone on the 4 hour trip to get the "last fitting" (as if?!) to have my furnace finished - was very cold last night, with no heat i lost all the tomatoes, peppers, cukes and eggplant I had nurtured all summer to be able to grow inside all winter - some of my pepper plants were 9 years old, thai and jalapeno and yellow sweet and a yellow plum tomato we have been eating from steady for 4 years - the news says will be record breaking cold -10 (we usually get as low as -12 in January if ever) - so you know am to busy to do much more on here than complain, lol - thanks for the visit i will catch up with you as soon as i am warm! peace for all