March 26, 2010

Planting by the Moon - First Quarter Moon

In this moon phase, March 23 until March 29th, when the right side of the moon is lit is the time to plant the seeds for vegetables and plants which thrive best in the heat. This list includes tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, squash and peppers.

Most vegetable plants need almost 100 perfect sunny days to produce to their fullest potential. With this in mind, this might be the perfect time, if not final chance, to start your most valuable food crops from seed.
These plants thrive best in full sun. It takes a lot of water for these plants to produce succulent vegetables. They take more nutrients from the soil than other plants. They need lots of room to grow, the more room the more food.

Don't let this seem overwhelming if you are considering a first time garden. Of the vegetables to be planted in this moon phase, I suggest growing peppers and tomatoes. They are easy to grow, produce abundantly and are essential for nutrition.
They are can easily be preserved for later too.

It is still too early to buy vegetable plant starts at the store. This moon phase comes next month and when I will be transplanting my seedlings to the garden you can plant your plants from the store.

I found a wonderful planting by the moon posting at "good stuff nw".

This picture is of 1 zucchini squash plant.


  1. I was at a big box store the other day where they had foot tall tomato plants on a cart outside in 50 degree temps, of course there were people buying them! I wanted so bad to run up and tell them "It's too early, don't buy and plant them!" But I didn't want to be "that chick", lol! Those stores know they can make a ton of money off of unsuspecting beginners by displaying them... it makes me sad to think of all the beginners that will fail simply because they rely on the industry to tell them when to plant - just because it's on the rack doesn't mean you can plant them!

  2. You certainly are one smart chick - I love that about you, your writing, what you say, how you live - Our food system is crazy on so many levels. Even if you wanted to tell the unsuspecting buyer, at this point, they wouldn't understand your words. Maybe it is because we have been daily forging ahead into the new reality of this new century, while others are going in circles waiting for things to change. But we do try and share the truth, that is maybe why we blog. Hope all is well at your house, wishing safety for your man. Peace