September 18, 2010

Food Security - Fall Chores - Preserving Food

Each day, nature calls me to do something to insure our food security. I call them seasonal projects, since they repeat each year like clockwork. Once you know what has to be done and when, you will be able to have cost effective control of your own food year round. Whether you grow your own or buy from your local farmer's market, fall is for preserving vegetables and fruit.

How do you eat your vegetables? Most people don't eat vegetables plain. We don't. We eat pickles and condiments, salsa and spaghetti sauce, and lots of hot sauce. We use our vegetables in soups, coleslaws and fried rice dishes. Watch the next posts for the tutorials that show how easy it is to produce these things at home. You will also see how making them not only provides excellent nourishment but saves time and money too.


  1. Our favorite way to eat veggies is roasted. If I have extra they go in the freezer for another day (soup, pizza, nachos etc.)

  2. Hi Kelly - I like roasted veggies too, I put them in the smoker sometimes too - this year I tried the poblano pepper - they are the best roasted ever! I love how they start of mild and end hot, they are great stuffed and baked too. I have missed you this summer, reading your blog will be a savory treat. Peace