September 17, 2010

Where Have I Been - What Have I Been Doing

This is my responsibility in my family as mother and wife.

Each day I spend a couple of hours in the kitchen. I cook what I have thawed from the freezer the day prior. In the summer I cook late at night to avoid the heat, and in winter I cook in the morning to help heat the house. It is a typical meal, vegetable, carbohydrate and protein. The leftovers from this meal are used the next day for quick lunches, sandwiches, soup or fried rice for example.

Each day I spend an hour or two cleaning. Laundry, dishes, no explanation needed here.

Each day I spend 2 hours working on seasonal projects or doing farm paperwork. Seasonal projects are activities engaged to save money or to make money.

Each day I spend 2 hours with my family. It is usually watching TV or discussing school or the farm.

Each day I spend 2 hours working outside tending chickens, gardens, hunting for mushrooms and berries. In the summer the time is doubled, in winter it is halved.

These duties do not create an income. If not a housewife, I would have to go to a job to pay someone else to provide these services for my family. I work my own hours and wear what I want, my burden on the planet is minimal, and the need for cash is greatly reduced. My family and I are satisfied, secured and happy.


  1. This is pretty much how my life is---so many people don't seem to "get" how much they spend to work. Sure, at times, it's a bit of a pain, but I love living this way.

    I'm so glad you stopped by. I lost SO much of my stuff when the old computer died. I'm in the process of "catching" up and finding people.
    Take care

  2. Great to have you back Sue - there are so few hardcore girls like us - peace