January 30, 2012

Intermission - Spring Meadow Walk - Ode to Spring - Wild Meadow in Canada

It was a beautiful morning, turn up your speakers to hear the bugs and birds.  The meadow is slowly being integrated with medicinal herbs and food plants.  Unfortunately by fall, without my grooming all summer, I was unable to even walk in the unruly meadow at all as the burdock was so formidable.

Over the last 3 days we have gotten over 2 feet of snow.  All you can see the seed stalks from all the weeds, left to mature, standing to attention in the sea of snow.  Walking today, cursing the work I see for me in the spring, what I saw brought tears to me eyes (easy to do because I am old and sentimental, but) . . . . hundreds, without exaggeration, of little birds partying it up in my meadow.  These seed heads are beacons of food and socializing in the snow.  Seems all the little birds from miles around were flitting about happy and  eating like it is the biggest buffet they have ever seen!

Nature knows, we can plan, worry, and decide, but nature knows.  Everyday she confirms her monarchy, and everyday I am blessed to be her subject.

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