January 30, 2012

Surviving the Future - SHTF - Natural Living - How to be Happy

With only the obtainment of cash as our motivation, we have abandoned health and well-being.  There is no time to eat properly, sleep or even go to the bathroom if it interferes with making money.  Tired and sick we press ahead, chasing the money to satiate our lives.  A body sustained in this matter can only perpetuate continual deterioration.

We eat cheap fast food to save time and money.  However much like with cigarettes and credit, it leaves us with long-term concealed costs for which we are answerable.  The sacrifice of nutrition has left us with malnutritioned bodies unable to thrive and ill prepared to ward off disease.  Instead, our bodies are forced into distortion and discomfort by modifying to accommodate for the unnatural diet.

We can’t really ignore our nagging ailments, can we?  Bowel and digestion problems, insomnia, headaches, heartburn, depression, result from our modern way of life.  Unfortunately we can’t be glad constipated, we can’t be happy hungry, and we can be joyous tired.  How have we come to embrace paying big bucks for drugs that comfort but never cure?  Why do we expect health from prescriptions given by people whose income is made selling pills to the sick?  Do we now all collectively share these pills in our drinking water?

Why do we continue to sacrificially raise money for disease research, when, after all this time, no remedies are forthcoming?  Why do we believe commercials about tooth products recommended by the people who profit from tooth decay?  Why do we spend so much on the quick fix, knowing nurturing our bodies is how to maintain health?

Have we, passively as it may be, laboured for years to finance permanent contamination of our world with the toxic sludge from the bowels of our modern life?  Could it be said that we are like cattle in feedlots held captive away from a natural and prosperous life?  Are we consuming commodities without value, in constant state anxiety and drowning in our own excrement?  Have we too namelessly given our lives for other’s profit? 

This is not the world we were born to and we are not living life as intended.  We are not here to create chaos but to cooperate in harmony with our world.  We cannot buy a healthy planet, just as we cannot buy healthy lives.  This is true no matter how much money you have.  We must fight now for lives of quality, rather than money. 

Are we willing to value our lives enough to ensure for clean air, water or food?  Can we value the quality of the next generation’s lives by allowing them to play peacefully in nature, and grow without being a burden to the earth or the future?  We can even value the lives of others by not exploiting the poor and desecrating nature.

Society has been stoned with delusion and played ignorant to the repercussions of money for long enough.  The world will not end when this generation does.  We do have the power to change the course of our lives.  We can focus on the realities of being alive rather than collective illusions brought about from the addiction of money.  Stop doling out the fuel that is devastating our existence and consuming our future.

Each dollar you have to work for and spend represents your contribution to the health of the world, or its demise.  Who gains from your time to cash exchange, and who loses?  In buying imported products are we taking the food and resources of others, thus creating havoc for the poor in other countries?  Are we, perhaps, even creating our own dependency on these distant countries for our most basic needs?  Are we putting the security of our food in the hands of strangers who understandably have only profit in mind?  It is time to wake up to the exact costs of our purchases, not just the sticker price. 

Can you see more value in a used car rather than a new one? What does it cost in hours of work and worry and time away from your real life to keep it?  To produce one, the environment pays as dearly as your bank account.  Who hasn’t driven around town to find bargains only to burn up that savings in the search?  When you buy a frozen dinner, in its aluminum container wrapped in cardboard and plastic, consider the cost and pollution caused to create the packaging.

Plastic bags save trees but plastic is forever garbage.  Even using cloth bags for groceries, you can’t avoid the fact each item is already covered in its own plastic and the refuse will go into another plastic bag for disposal.  If personally accountable for the lifetime of your purchases and their packaging, how much Styrofoam and plastic, bleach and chemicals, bottles and cans, batteries and electronics would be in your yard?  The world would be a totally different place if we were all truly responsible for the everlasting remnants of all our buys. 

As people using the modern world, it is also our responsibly to clean up this mess and reverse the environmental destruction.  Esoterically sorting our garbage is not the solution, we must stop producing it.  It is not a matter planting trees to offset our carbon emissions; it is a matter of not producing carbon emissions. 

World pollution is the result of our unnatural existence, and an uncertain future can not be passively anticipated.  It is not only someone else’s problem, it is ours.  We can not sweep this problem under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist.  There is no out of sight out of mind as we watch our sisters and brothers suffer or die from the state of environment.


  1. Now if only this most important message would resonate in the minds of the majority before it is too late. All of what you wrote about in this post has been on my mind a lot of late.

  2. I know you have heard my song before, thanks for leaving such a thoughtful message - maybe we have hit a sort of critical mass where we are all thinking together - i feel like we are waiting for an event, do you feel this way? peace

  3. As I read this post I reflected on myself and my habits it good thought process. Since I am one of those that cry everytime I visit the garbage dump and go through the analyzing of others each time, I like that people speak to it. At the same time I also see how our world is evolving, recycling of all sorts is becoming a much stronger option than it once was. Sometimes I reflect on what if we went through a catasophy on earth, some of the items we would need we would find in the garbage dump so in that sense it could be a resource. Our dimension of existence on Earth is one of waste and disrespect for our world and yet perhaps that comes from a lack of knowing and understanding and as we each embrace our own responsibility in this area that will change the evolution of those to come. It is through the experience of living, good or bad, that we learn for we are both physical and spiritual embodiments. We have through our evolution developed a mind that can reason and draw on information that can then bring about a new experience. When a human contemplates a change, their mind receives the information to present that change in experience. To reduce waste in your life is to contemplate how that could be done and follow through on those actions. It is in the lack of knowing that one stays stuck but even further it is in the awareness that one becomes teachable. Doors open when one does not know but willingly is aware of desiring a change, it allows for the knowing to come through the space of not knowing. To enhance new methods of healing people need to have the experience of being ill and overcoming it by other methods available to them. Sharing of this information will grow, and we see this in todays world gaining more ground as our communications have also increased. Evolution to improve upon is in constant flow, as we are a powerful bunch. the human race has the ability to change in all areas and for me it starts with one person, ME! My job is to align to my truth and follow it through, not worry about what is being done outside of me but to harness my tasks at hand. To live as an example of what is possible and trust that in my evolution I can effect others around me. It is through sharing your thoughts and wisdom others open upon themselves their own beliefs, thank you for your sharing and the opportunity to self reflect in this area. A song can only be heard is sang :) shamanawaken.wordpress.com Deb

  4. You are a very optimistic person, thank you for sharing so much. Peace