February 13, 2010

Chickens and Turkeys Together



  1. So I am very curious, do the chickens and turkeys always get along so well? It is so neat that they can hang about with each other like that. Those are beautiful birds you have.

  2. Love your turkeys! What kind are they? Our bourbon reds are super gentle too,I just love having turkeys! I have always read that you can't put turkeys and chickens together because of a disease that chickens carry that doesn't bother them but will kill turkeys.You obviously don't have a problem! Makes me wonder,maybe your colder climate? It was great hearing your voice too...always great visiting you!

  3. I watched the video twice! I know, why do people think that turkeys are mean? Mine are pets. Where are the toms tail feathers? Are they sleeping where the tail feathers get worn?

    We're watching the Olympics in Vancouver, is that near you?

  4. Thanks you guys. I was very shy to put it up as it shows how silly I am. Joanna so glad you visited as it was your wonderful videos that inspired this one. My turkeys are pets too, these ones are 4 years old. I keep one tom for 9 years and one hen for 8. There loss was very sad for me. Yes the Olympics are in our province. I am afraid I am subversive in my thoughts, but the poverty in this province is so great that we could little afford a lavish party for the rich. It is so sad a young lad died.

    Mr. H. they get along great, except that occasionally a hen decides to pick a the tail feathers of a submissive male when he fans. The hens are the queens in the coup, the toms are the thug guards. Many a time the toms have warded off danger to save the whole flock. It is a symbiotic relationship in the way they eat together too, for example the turkeys would rather tear big items to bits while the chickens would rather peck for the bits.

    Melodie blackhead is the disease you mentioned and it is very deadly to turkeys. It can be dropped in a pen by a passing bird or left dormant in the soil for years. I use apple cider vinegar and tea tree old with my flock in a "virgin" coup and we haven't had a problem. These are bronze beauties. A breeding pair goes for $300. Heritage chickens are all but extinct here too.

    Peace for all

  5. just saw your video this morning.. :D we're a quirky bunch...glad your in my world!!!

  6. thanks, you are such a sweetheart - peace