February 15, 2010

Farmers Wanted

Farmers Wanted

Apply via e-mail to ruralrose@msn.com. In your letter, include who you are and what you want for the future, your skills and limitations and what you require in exchange for your services.

On our farm, daily chores could include:
woodworking, carpentry, masonry work,
small engine and automotive mechanics, welding,
taking care of sick and baby animals,

feeding/watering/moving animals (rabbits, goats,
turkeys, chickens, pigs, worms), collecting eggs, goat
milking and help with kidding, hunting, fishing,
harvesting/preserving herbs/mushrooms, fruits and
vegetables, cooking/baking, cleaning, cutting
firewood, selective logging, planting/watering crops,
butchering/cutting/wrapping, smoking meat and sausage
making, collecting/spreading fertilizer,
working with
leather, running a chipper,
starting seeds/propagating, making wine/cheese/tofu,
setting up hydro-power for farm, irrigation projects,
fencing, predator patrol, tree
pruning/grafting, beekeeping, weed pulling, value-added processing, and selling to customers.


  1. If ever the banks catch up with us and throw us out of our home, I made take you up on that...

  2. What a wonderful learning experience it would be to work at your place! I hope you find someone soon!

  3. You couldn't pay me enough! I do it for free! It's called a hobby.

  4. if I could bring my animals count me in...
    absolutely love your video and turkeys!

    ....and your voice EXACTLY how I expected you to sound