February 01, 2010

Garden Seed Shortage

Seed shortages could imperil home gardens
Gardeners may have hard time finding seeds for cucumbers, carrots, onion

updated 10:21 a.m. PT, Mon., Feb. 1, 2010

DES MOINES, Iowa - Dreaming of biting into a garden-fresh cucumber sandwich this summer? Better order your seeds now.

A poor growing season last year and increased orders from Europe could make it difficult for home gardeners to get seeds for the most popular cucumber variety and some vegetables this spring. Farmers, who usually grow different varieties than home gardeners, aren't likely to be affected.
Seeds for what's known as open-pollinated cucumbers seem to be most scarce, but carrots, snap peas and onions also could be in short supply.

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  1. One of my gardening friends who ordered early got her seeds in the mail, but with a notice that several varieties are on backorder. I hope they show up! This sounds like yet another reason to learn how to save more of my own seeds.

    -Amy, NW of Atlanta

  2. saving seeds is so easy and when you see how much you get it will be your delight too - any questions just ask!! i have had a hard time finding good seed for more than 5 years now, most have been duds, very limited choice in canada - if you are going to save seed it can be from an heirloom or open pollinated plant - it is not possible to save seeds from hybrids (usually have numbers in the name) as the seed will reproduce the parent properly - peace