December 13, 2010

Coffee Benefits

Please forgive my forewardness here, but I won't mince words about this with you. The pesticides used on coffee and cocoa plants are deadly to everything. If you do not drink organic coffee you are drinking little more than poison.

Coffee, tea, and chocolate are very, very nutritious foods. The fact that your body desires them, and the caffeine, is a akin to eating protein because that is what your body needs at the time.

Aside, purchase "fairtrade" organic products, knowing your luxury is not produced from slave labor. I have included some links, and while not from medical papers (can't find the proper links now) they confirm what I say.

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  1. My kicking that habit gave me a few clues to some of my symptoms. After a week with no caffeine I discovered that it was not caffeine keeping me awake at night .. just menopause symptoms. I did, however, not have any heart palpitations what so ever. I attributed no withdrawal symptoms (except extreme tiredness the first day) to lack of caffeine .. no headache or jitters and no craving. More energy was a surprise too after a few days. I do agree drinking organic is best and reason that's why I had practically no withdrawal symptoms. I have added one cup of coffee back in my diet in the morning .. hot water with herbs or plain the rest of the day when I need a 'comfort' drink. Good research you have posted here .. Thanks,