December 08, 2010

Selling Jewellery in the Market - Jewelry too

This post was originally wordless. However, due to the large amount of traffic to this post I will tell me secrets to success in selling jewellery at the market.

Know your market!!

Rich people want to brag about how much they spent on something. They don't like to purchase reduced or "old" stock. If you are selling to these people, use only gold and silver high end merchandise and let them pay full price.

People with little money want to brag about the bargain they found. They like sales. This is my market. I would rather sell many inexpensive things to lots of people rather than a few to the rich.

I keep my prices under $20 with a selection under $10 for the younger people. At this time of year everyone wants to be able to find something nice for someone else that is lovely but not too expensive. My customers appreciate that I am not trying to gouge them, they have told me so.

Older people have lots of jewellery and usually only buy for gifts. Younger people are trying different styles and are excellent repeat customers.

Don't be afraid to have an inexpensive ring, or the like, to pass out as gifts for the younger ones. This little gesture has stimulated many larger sales for me. Blue and pink sell fastest.

Keep your costs as low as possible. I used to buy inventory, now I buy findings to make my own jewellery. It is easy and fun and profitable. Peace


  1. How did it go? Did you sell that lovely snowflake necklace I covet?

  2. You are a lady of many talents. Beautiful jewelry!

  3. Wow, pretty nice! Is that your work?

  4. Thanks guys - wanted to show what I do for November and December. Yes it is all my work and yes the snowflake is long gone. In my old life I had a little store, this is much better no overhead! peace

  5. Gorgeous little trinkets of jewelry!