December 19, 2010

Freedom - Real LIfe Calling

My heart goes out to you - your real life it calling - shouting even
i pulled my kid from school - i have to drive 45 minutes to get groceries - i haven't been to a job for 15 years now - i don't eat out - i don't have many friends here - my house is not fancy - my housework is never done - my clothes are never immaculate - i don't travel - money never flows easily


my kid thrives on homeschooling at a level of education that exceptionally high,
he is so happy and productive and feels in charge of his destiny - he teaches me - nature teaches us

my husband and i are a team without pretense - we both do what we do to the best of our abilities - we have time for each other - we plan our dreams everyday - holding hands loving each other fighting to be free each day we are

i am me - no pretense, i love my dirt, my plants, my critters, each day i go from chore to chore with total appreciation that i survive on the earth by my own labor, my own hands and not by the hands of another

don't give up, some things take time to come together, knowing what you want and expressing it - even having a tantrum - gets you closer

you have to give up - you have to give up keeping up with the jones, the dream vacations, the new lipstick, pleasing other people

do these things first, then when the time comes, and it will, you will be completely ready for the transformation

you are building your cocoon now, practice your skills and dream

dreams do come true



  1. What a great post! To have the TIME to do the things you love IS the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.

  2. Greeting I love your outlook on life. We are similar in many ways. I do not care what others think of my choices for happiness. I am a simple country girl doing what I love, in a house that is not always clean,and I never try to look like someone I am not. I love your blog.

  3. I still find it amazing that some people don't see how true this is.

  4. Great post! You are very fortunate and blessed!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Very nice, your first and last words say it all. Freedom to live peacefully away from the things of man and enjoy a sustainable and rewarding existence. Your son is blessed to have grown up in such an environment and will remember these things later in life.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. I am indeed a very blessed woman. Peace