January 06, 2015

Free Food Lettuce in a Bag

you could be eating your own lettuce right now - get a bag of poo, you can buy it at the hardware store, any poo will do, i think mushroom compost is the best dollar spent - no not potting soil, nothing will grow in potting soil - at home set it up so the bag is at ledge level with the sunniest window in the house - it is ugly, but it will not smell, keep cats out of it too - cut the bag open so it forms a container that will hold the water - water the bag slowly, until just saturated - sprinkle a mesclun lettuce mix on top by putting the seeds in one hand and pinching some to spread evenly across the compost - this can include arugula, kale, various leaf lettuces, chard, chives, parsley - rotate the bag once a day so it all gets even light and water until satuated once a week - most of these little plants will grow to eating size within 2 weeks, if you can wait until 3 weeks you can give the whole bag a "haircut", leaving about an inch of plant still growing - these plants will regenerate enough in 2 weeks to repeat the process - this can go on until spring and beyond - for example some of the plants in the mix can be transplanted outside in the spring for continued food and seed production - peace

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