January 02, 2015

Homestead Peace

I am fiercely moving my life through time to satisfy a covenant to create heaven on earth. Caught in the rapture of nature's powerful forces as they dictate what is to be done each day. Each day secret silent blessings, each day secret silent losses, lessons learned and taught, quietly filling me with joy.

I used to pray to have my way. Now I only pray to be shown the way. No thought of what others think, no attachment to how things look, no mandate for the future. Total submission to trust good will prevail and everything is always as it should be is the key.

It has been 20 years now.
With nothing but each other, we left the other world behind us. Not one day without what we needed, not one day without suffering a little, not one day life didn't have meaning. 
Everyone could live like this. Nature takes care of us, it is the natural order of things.


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  1. Ruth, you write beautifully and express a lot of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your deep thoughts.