January 26, 2015

How to Be Free - Are you a prisoner to life? Want to be free?

Are you a prisoner to life? Want to be free?
I used my brain to live life - logically smart like taught – the ego let me know exactly where to go, what to know, to make me perfect – what I must do, have, say, buy, and need - who I must blame, fight, judge, grudge, hate - relentlessly, ruthlessly, replaying the past and dreading the future –  a child’s tantrum controlled every move - it cried for scorn and suffering – whipping tirelessly with worry, fear and guilt - justifiably, predictably, incessantly – I was a slave for its bidding - shackled and bound to a neverending rut of dissatisfaction . . . .
One day I could do stand it no longer – I know abuse when I see it, I refused to listen, I refused to hear, not one word did I let rear – Silence, finally everything was perfect, sigh, no judgement, no mistake, no regret, nothing to fret – Could it get better yet?
Alone with the quiet, wasn’t to be -  I heard another voice and she was me - the one that won’t hide and is always along for the ride, shotgun besides, we’re gonna glide –she’s light for the space, dances and sings - no ties, no lies maybe even no dies – I like her better, she is no tether, all storms together, what a pleasure - Breathe she said, everything is going to be alright – I knew her right away,  she’s always come to play, to share, dare, and bare – inspiration, creativity are her perfume – satisfaction is her smile, gratitude and joy are her embrace, and freedom her kingdom . . .
Freedom - There it is, it is always there - Don’t forget now - Now you know
Your first breath of freedom - Oh, you didn’t breathe? You don’t believe you are free?
Is it ego or spirit telling you what to do? - Don’t give in to the silly tantrum of negativity -
Hear instead the music playing in the background - Mmm yes I can hear it, yes, a sweet melody -
Now the epic can begin, you are the hero, adventures abound - don’t listen to anyone, not even me -
Listen only to thee to be 

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